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Pop a wheelie into the adrenaline-pumping realm of BMX on film, where every trick and turn is epic.

From freestyle face-offs to the real tales of BMX legends, these picks aren’t just pedal pushingβ€”they’re culture cruising.

Geared up to ride through the top BMX racing movies, shows, and documentaries that spin a story of their own?

Best BMX Racing Movies, Shows, and Documentaries:

  1. Rad (1986)
  2. BMX Bandits (1983)
  3. The Dirt Bike Kid (1985)
  4. Heroes of Dirt (2015)
  5. Joe Kid on a Stingray (2005) – Documentary

#1 Rad (1986)

  • 🎬 Directed by: Hal Needham
  • 🌟 Starring: Bill Allen, Lori Loughlin, Talia Shire

Rad is a quintessential BMX racing movie that became a cult classic for its era. It follows Cru Jones (Bill Allen), a small-town kid determined to win a high-profile BMX race known as Helltrack.

With its memorable soundtrack and impressive BMX stunts, Rad embodies the excitement and spirit of BMX culture in the ’80s. Despite its initial lackluster performance at the box office, Rad has gained a devoted fan base over the years, revered for its underdog story and nostalgic charm.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

#2 BMX Bandits (1983)

  • 🎬 Directed by: Brian Trenchard-Smith
  • 🌟 Starring: Nicole Kidman, David Argue, John Ley

BMX Bandits is an Australian adventure film that showcases the youthful excitement of BMX biking. The film, featuring a young Nicole Kidman in one of her earliest roles, follows a group of teenagers who use their BMX skills to outwit a group of bank robbers. High-energy chases and stunts across Sydney’s scenic backdrop make it a fun and light-hearted ride.

It’s more lighthearted and targeted towards a younger audience but still holds its place as a pioneer BMX film that introduced many to the sport.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

#3 The Dirt Bike Kid (1985)

  • 🎬 Directed by: Hoite Caston
  • 🌟 Starring: Peter Billingsley, Stuart Pankin, Anne Bloom

The Dirt Bike Kid is a comedy that revolves around a magical dirt bike and a young boy, Jack (Peter Billingsley), who becomes its owner. The movie stands out for its fantastical elements, as the bike has a mind of its own and helps Jack save the local hotdog stand from greedy developers.

While it isn’t strictly about BMX racing, it does involve plenty of bike action and stunts, and it captures a similar adventurous and rebellious spirit often associated with BMX.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

#4 Heroes of Dirt (2015)

  • 🎬 Directed by: Eric Bugbee
  • 🌟 Starring: Joel Moody, Will Martinez, Vivienne VanHorn

Heroes of Dirt features a passionate BMX dirt jumper, Phin Cooper (Joel Moody) who aspires to be the next big thing in the sport. The plot thickens as he takes a troubled teen under his wing and confronts his challenges. The film emphasizes perseverance, mentorship, and the transformative power of BMX.

While the movie did not see widespread commercial success, it is praised within BMX communities for its authentic portrayal of the BMX lifestyle and the dirt jumping aspects of the sport.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

#5 Joe Kid on a Stingray (2005) – Documentary

  • 🎬 Directed by: Mark Eaton and John Swarr

Joe Kid on a Stingray is a documentary that provides a comprehensive look into the history of BMX, from its humble beginnings to becoming a cultural phenomenon. It features interviews with pioneers of the sport and shows the evolution of BMX bikes and racing.

This film is often regarded as a definitive history lesson for BMX enthusiasts, capturing not only the sport’s progression but also the spirit and influence it has had throughout the years.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video


What is the best BMX Racing movie of all time?

“Rad” (1986) is the best BMX Racing movie of all time, featuring thrilling race sequences and a classic underdog story set in the world of competitive BMX racing.

What are some good BMX Racing movies?

“BMX Bandits” (1983) and “Premium Rush” (2012), though not strictly racing, are good BMX Racing movies that highlight BMX riding with engaging storylines.

What BMX Racing movies, shows, and documentaries are on Netflix?

The best BMX Racing movies, shows, and documentaries on Netflix currently are scarce, as Netflix’s catalog changes frequently and may not always feature BMX-specific titles. Check their latest offerings for any new additions.

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