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Craving that podium finish? It’s all about the ride.

Uncover the elite BMX brands that the pros trust for top speeds and killer stunts.

Whether you’re just dropping in or gunning for gold, these names are your ticket to the winners’ circle.

Our Top Picks for BMX Racing Brands:

  1. Redline
  2. GT
  3. Mongoose
  4. Haro
  5. SE Bikes
  6. DK Bikes
  7. Chase Bicycles
  8. Sunday Bikes
  9. WeThePeople
  10. Cult
  11. Stolen

#1 Redline

  • 🌍 Origin: United States
  • πŸ“… Year Established: 1974
  • πŸ’» Website: redlinebicycles.com

Redline is a venerable name in BMX racing, with origins tracing back to 1974 in the United States. This brand has become a bastion of BMX culture, recognized for producing some of the most competitive racing bikes in the industry.

Redline’s commitment to quality and innovation is evident in their meticulous approach to bike design, ensuring that riders are equipped to tackle tracks with confidence and speed.

#2 GT

  • 🌍 Origin: United States
  • πŸ“… Year Established: 1972
  • πŸ’» Website: gtbicycles.com

GT Bicycles, founded in 1972, is an iconic brand deeply rooted in the heritage of BMX racing.

Known for their triple triangle frame design, GT has built a reputation for durable and responsive bikes that cater to both professionals and enthusiasts alike. The brand’s continuous pursuit of advancement in BMX bike technology solidifies its position as a go-to choice for riders seeking performance and reliability.

#3 Mongoose

  • 🌍 Origin: United States
  • πŸ“… Year Established: 1974
  • πŸ’» Website: mongoose.com

Mongoose, founded in 1974, is a legendary American brand in the BMX racing world. Known for its durable and high-performance bikes, Mongoose has been a staple in BMX racing for decades.

The brand’s commitment to innovation and quality ensures that riders of all levels have access to reliable and competitive bikes, making Mongoose a trusted name in BMX racing.

#4 Haro

  • 🌍 Origin: United States
  • πŸ“… Year Established: 1978
  • πŸ’» Website: harobikes.com

Haro Bikes, established in 1978, has a storied history in BMX racing, with a reputation for quality and innovation.

Founded by BMX pioneer Bob Haro, the company has remained at the forefront of BMX design, with a range of bikes that cater to riders of all levels. Haro’s commitment to the sport is evident in its support for athletes and events, making it a mainstay in the BMX community.

#5 SE Bikes

  • 🌍 Origin: United States
  • πŸ“… Year Established: 1977
  • πŸ’» Website: sebikes.com

SE Bikes, dating back to 1977, has etched its name in BMX racing through its unique blend of retro styling and modern performance.

Created by Scot Breithaupt, known as the “Old Man of BMX,” SE Bikes was instrumental in the early development of BMX racing. Today, the brand continues to inspire both nostalgia and innovation in its bike designs, fostering a culture that spans generations of riders.

#6 DK Bikes

DK Bikes, established in 1979, is a prominent American brand specializing in BMX racing bikes and components. Renowned for their robust construction and advanced design, DK bikes are favored by both amateur and professional riders.

The brand’s dedication to performance and quality has made it a respected name in the BMX community, providing riders with top-tier equipment for competitive racing.

#7 Chase Bicycles

  • 🌍 Origin: United States
  • πŸ“… Year Established: 2011
  • πŸ’» Website: chasebicycles.com

Chase Bicycles, founded in 2011, quickly built a reputation for exquisitely crafted BMX racing frames and complete bikes. The brand, conceived by BMX legend Christophe LΓ©vΓͺque and engineer Pete Dylewski, represents a commitment to performance and innovation.

Chase emphasizes precision and speed, utilizing advanced materials and designs to create race-winning machines that are adored by professionals and enthusiasts alike.

#8 Sunday Bikes

  • 🌍 Origin: United States
  • πŸ“… Year Established: 2005
  • πŸ’» Website: sundaybikes.com

Sunday Bikes, established in 2005, has distinguished itself in the BMX world with its strong, innovative, and uniquely styled bicycles.

The brand’s focus on durability and progressive geometry makes it a favorite among riders looking for bikes suited to both street riding and racing. Sunday’s dedication to the sport and its community is exemplified by its support for a team of riders who push the limits of BMX.

#9 WeThePeople

  • 🌍 Origin: Germany
  • πŸ“… Year Established: 1996
  • πŸ’» Website: wethepeoplebmx.de

WeThePeople, founded in 1996, is a leading German brand in the BMX racing industry, known for its high-quality bikes and innovative designs.

With a focus on precision engineering and performance, WeThePeople bikes are built to withstand the rigors of competitive racing. The brand’s commitment to quality and rider feedback has made it a favorite among BMX racers, offering reliable and cutting-edge equipment for all skill levels.

#10 Cult

  • 🌍 Origin: United States
  • πŸ“… Year Established: 2009
  • πŸ’» Website: cultcrew.com

Cult emerged in the BMX world in 2009, carving its place as a forward-thinking brand from the United States.

Strongly rooted in the street scene, Cult collaborates with riders to develop bikes that keep up with their relentless innovation. Known for balance and style, Cult crafts their BMX frames and parts to endure the rigors of modern BMX racing and freestyle riding.

#11 Stolen

  • 🌍 Origin: United States
  • πŸ“… Year Established: 2003
  • πŸ’» Website: stolenbmx.com

Stolen BMX, founded in 2003 in the United States, is a brand that caters to riders’ passion for high-caliber BMX bikes. Their commitment to quality materials and detail caters to both newcomers and seasoned professionals.

Stolen BMX impresses with its variety of models and components, which constantly evolve to meet contemporary racers’ needs for resilience and cutting-edge performance on and off the track.


What are some top BMX Racing sports brands in the world?

Redline, GT, Mongoose, Haro, and SE Bikes are some top BMX Racing sports brands in the world, recognized for their high-quality bikes and racing components.

What are the best BMX Racing clothing brands?

Fox Racing, Fly Racing, and Troy Lee Designs are the best BMX Racing clothing brands, known for their durable and performance-oriented gear tailored to BMX racers.

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