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Ever wondered which football clubs rule the letter ‘U’?

Unleash your love for the game as we unveil the titans of turf whose names begin with an exciting, unmistakable ‘U’.

From iconic jerseys to unforgettable goals, join us on this ultimate journey through football fandom.

Get your game face on!

10 Most Popular Football Teams That Start with the Letter U:

  1. Manchester United
  2. Udinese Calcio
  3. Universidad de Chile
  4. Universitario de Deportes
  5. Union Berlin
  6. Urawa Red Diamonds
  7. Universidad Católica
  8. US Sassuolo Calcio
  9. Utrecht
  10. Universidad de Concepción

#1 Manchester United

  • 🌍 Country: England
  • 📅 Year Founded: 1878
  • 👔 Coach/Manager: Erik ten Hag

Manchester United, one of the world’s most famous football clubs, boasts a history rich with success, including numerous Premier League titles and UEFA Champions League victories.

Known as the Red Devils, United’s global fan base and Old Trafford stadium, the “Theatre of Dreams,” symbolize their storied legacy.

#2 Udinese Calcio

  • 🌍 Country: Italy
  • 📅 Year Founded: 1896
  • 👔 Coach/Manager: Andrea Sottil

Udinese Calcio, based in Udine, is known for its ability to uncover and develop talented players who shine in Serie A and beyond.

With a history that spans over a century, Udinese consistently competes with determination in Italy’s top flight, embodying the spirit of Friuli.

#3 Universidad de Chile

  • 🌍 Country: Chile
  • 📅 Year Founded: 1927
  • 👔 Coach/Manager: Sebastián Miranda

Universidad de Chile is one of the most successful and popular football clubs in Chile, known for its numerous Primera División titles and a passionate fan base.

“La U” is celebrated for its attacking style of play and its significant contributions to Chilean football history.

#4 Universitario de Deportes

  • 🌍 Country: Peru
  • 📅 Year Founded: 1924
  • 👔 Coach/Manager: Comizzo Ángel David

Universitario de Deportes is a pillar of Peruvian football, boasting a rich history of success, including multiple national championships.

The club’s iconic “U” emblem and maroon kit symbolize its proud tradition and the passionate support of its fans.

#5 Union Berlin

  • 🌍 Country: Germany
  • 📅 Year Founded: 1966
  • 👔 Coach/Manager: Urs Fischer

Union Berlin has captured the hearts of many with its remarkable journey to and competitiveness in the Bundesliga.

Known for their close-knit community and the spirited atmosphere at Stadion An der Alten Försterei, Union embodies the underdog spirit.

#6 Urawa Red Diamonds

  • 🌍 Country: Japan
  • 📅 Year Founded: 1950
  • 👔 Coach/Manager: Ricardo Rodríguez

Urawa Red Diamonds is one of Japan’s most successful clubs, with several J.League titles and AFC Champions League victories.

The club’s passionate supporters and red kit make them one of the most recognizable and formidable teams in Asian football.

#7 Universidad Católica

  • 🌍 Country: Chile
  • 📅 Year Founded: 1937
  • 👔 Coach/Manager: Ariel Holan

Club Deportivo Universidad Católica, based in Santiago, is a powerhouse in Chilean football, known for its numerous league titles and consistent performances in international competitions. The club prides itself on a strong youth system and a dedicated fan base.

#8 US Sassuolo Calcio

  • 🌍 Country: Italy
  • 📅 Year Founded: 1920
  • 👔 Coach/Manager: Alessio Dionisi

US Sassuolo Calcio, often simply called Sassuolo, has risen through the Italian football ranks to establish itself in Serie A.

Known for its green and black colors, Sassuolo is admired for its attacking football and commitment to developing young talent.

#9 Utrecht

  • 🌍 Country: Netherlands
  • 📅 Year Founded: 1970
  • 👔 Coach/Manager: Henk Fraser

FC Utrecht is a well-respected club in the Eredivisie, known for its competitive spirit and strong home performances at the Stadion Galgenwaard.

The club’s history includes notable cup successes and a reputation for fostering talented players.

#10 Universidad de Concepción

  • 🌍 Country: Chile
  • 📅 Year Founded: 1994
  • 👔 Coach/Manager: Patricio Ormazábal

Club Deportivo Universidad de Concepción has made its mark in Chilean football with competitive performances in the Primera División and participation in continental competitions.

Known for its yellow and blue colors, the club represents the city of Concepción with pride and ambition.

Other Popular Football Teams That Start with the Letter U

  1. Ulsan Hyundai FC – South Korea, founded in 1983
  2. Újpest FC – Hungary, founded in 1885
  3. Ufa – Russia, founded in 2010
  4. Ull/Kisa – Norway, founded in 1894
  5. Ulm 1846 – Germany, founded in 1846
  6. Union Saint-Gilloise – Belgium, founded in 1897
  7. União de Leiria – Portugal, founded in 1966
  8. Unión Española – Chile, founded in 1897
  9. Unión La Calera – Chile, founded in 1954
  10. Unión Santa Fe – Argentina, founded in 1907
  11. United City FC – Philippines, founded in 2012 (formerly Ceres–Negros FC)
  12. Universidad San Martín – Peru, founded in 2004
  13. Universitario Sucre – Bolivia, founded in 1962
  14. União Madeira – Portugal, founded in 1913
  15. University College Dublin (UCD) – Ireland, founded in 1895
  16. Unión Magdalena – Colombia, founded in 1953
  17. Ural Yekaterinburg – Russia, founded in 1930
  18. Utah Royals FC – USA, founded in 2017 (women’s soccer, temporarily suspended operations in 2020)
  19. Utrecht – Netherlands, founded in 1970
  20. Utsiktens BK – Sweden, founded in 1935
  21. Ubon United – Thailand, founded in 2015
  22. UC AlbinoLeffe – Italy, founded in 1998
  23. UD Almería – Spain, founded in 1989
  24. UD Las Palmas – Spain, founded in 1949
  25. UD Oliveirense – Portugal, founded in 1922
  26. Udon Thani FC – Thailand, founded in 1999
  27. UE Lleida – Spain, founded in 1939 (dissolved in 2011)
  28. UE Sant Andreu – Spain, founded in 1909
  29. UE Sant Julià – Andorra, founded in 1982
  30. Ufa – Russia, founded in 2010
  31. Ujpest – Hungary, founded in 1885
  32. UKM FC – Malaysia, founded in 2006
  33. Ulisses Yerevan – Armenia, founded in 2000 (dissolved in 2016)
  34. Ullensaker/Kisa IL – Norway, founded in 1894
  35. Universidad Católica – Ecuador, founded in 1963
  36. Universidad Católica – Chile, founded in 1937
  37. Universidad de Guadalajara – Mexico, founded in 1970
  38. Universidad de Concepción – Chile, founded in 1994
  39. Universitario de Deportes – Peru, founded in 1924
  40. University of Pretoria FC – South Africa, founded in 1941


What football teams start with the letter U?

Manchester United, Udinese Calcio, Universidad de Chile, Universitario de Deportes, Union Berlin, Urawa Red Diamonds, Universidad Católica, US Sassuolo Calcio, Utrecht, and Universidad de Concepción are some of the football teams that start with the letter U. These teams are recognized for their competitive spirit and passionate fanbases across different leagues worldwide.

Which Premier League football team starts with the letter U?

Manchester United is the Premier League football team that starts with the letter U. This iconic club is one of the most successful and widely supported teams both in England and globally.

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