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Are you ready for an alphabetical football adventure?

In the universe of soccer, every team has a story, but only the elite have their fame etched with the letter ‘E’.

Prepare for a wild ride with the squads that set the pitch on fire!

10 Most Popular Football Teams That Start with the Letter E:

  1. Everton
  2. Estudiantes de La Plata
  3. Espanyol
  4. Eintracht Frankfurt
  5. Everton de ViΓ±a del Mar
  6. Elche CF
  7. Empoli FC
  8. Esbjerg fB
  9. Excelsior
  10. Enyimba International FC

#1 Everton

  • 🌍 Country: England
  • πŸ“… Year Founded: 1878
  • πŸ‘” Coach/Manager: Sean Dyche

Everton FC, one of the founding members of the Football League, has a storied history in English football, including multiple league championships.

Known as the Toffees, Everton has a passionate fan base and competes in the Premier League, striving for success and European qualification.

#2 Estudiantes de La Plata

  • 🌍 Country: Argentina
  • πŸ“… Year Founded: 1905
  • πŸ‘” Coach/Manager: Pablo Quatrocchi

Estudiantes de La Plata is celebrated for its domestic and international achievements, including multiple Copa Libertadores titles.

The club is known for its strong youth system and competitive spirit, embodying the passion of Argentine football.

#3 Espanyol

  • 🌍 Country: Spain
  • πŸ“… Year Founded: 1900
  • πŸ‘” Coach/Manager: Luis GarcΓ­a Plaza

RCD Espanyol, based in Barcelona, competes in La Liga and has a rich history, including being one of the founding members of the league.

The club prides itself on resilience and a competitive rivalry with FC Barcelona, known as the Derby BarcelonΓ­.

#4 Eintracht Frankfurt

  • 🌍 Country: Germany
  • πŸ“… Year Founded: 1899
  • πŸ‘” Coach/Manager: Oliver Glasner Eintracht Frankfurt has enjoyed success domestically and in European competitions, including winning the UEFA Europa League. Known for their passionate supporters and the electrifying atmosphere at Deutsche Bank Park, Eintracht is a mainstay in the Bundesliga.

#5 Everton de ViΓ±a del Mar

  • 🌍 Country: Chile
  • πŸ“… Year Founded: 1909
  • πŸ‘” Coach/Manager: Francisco Meneghini

Everton de ViΓ±a del Mar is a prominent club in Chilean football, named in honor of the English club Everton FC.

The club has a history of domestic success and plays its home matches in the picturesque city of ViΓ±a del Mar, with a dedicated fan base.

#6 Elche CF

  • 🌍 Country: Spain
  • πŸ“… Year Founded: 1923
  • πŸ‘” Coach/Manager: Pablo MachΓ­n

Elche CF competes in La Liga, Spain’s top football division, known for its fighting spirit and perseverance.

The club has experienced ups and downs, including promotions and relegations, but remains a proud representative of the city of Elche.

#7 Empoli FC

  • 🌍 Country: Italy
  • πŸ“… Year Founded: 1920
  • πŸ‘” Coach/Manager: Paolo Zanetti

Empoli FC, based in Tuscany, is known for its ability to compete in Serie A against Italy’s top teams and for developing young talent.

The club’s emphasis on youth development has seen many players go on to success in Italy and abroad.

#8 Esbjerg fB

  • 🌍 Country: Denmark
  • πŸ“… Year Founded: 1924
  • πŸ‘” Coach/Manager: Roland Nilsson

Esbjerg fB has been a fixture in Danish football, with multiple league titles.

The club prides itself on community involvement and the development of players within its academy, aiming to compete at the highest levels in Denmark.

#9 Excelsior

  • 🌍 Country: Netherlands
  • πŸ“… Year Founded: 1902
  • πŸ‘” Coach/Manager: Marinus Dijkhuizen

SBV Excelsior, from Rotterdam, competes in the Eredivisie, known for its resilience and underdog spirit.

The club has a reputation for promoting youth and playing attractive football, embodying the values of teamwork and development.

#10 Enyimba International FC

  • 🌍 Country: Nigeria
  • πŸ“… Year Founded: 1976
  • πŸ‘” Coach/Manager: Finidi George

Enyimba International FC is one of Nigeria’s most successful football clubs, with multiple Nigerian Premier League titles and CAF Champions League victories.

Known as the Peoples’ Elephant, Enyimba is a symbol of pride for the city of Aba and Nigerian football.

Other Popular Football Teams That Start with the Letter E

  1. East Bengal Club – India, founded in 1920
  2. Eastern Suburbs AFC – New Zealand, founded in 1934
  3. EC Bahia – Brazil, founded in 1931
  4. EC VitΓ³ria – Brazil, founded in 1899
  5. Eibar – Spain, founded in 1940
  6. El Daklyeh – Egypt, founded in 1960
  7. El Entag El Harby – Egypt, founded in 1997
  8. El Nacional – Ecuador, founded in 1964
  9. Elfsborg – Sweden, founded in 1904
  10. En Avant de Guingamp – France, founded in 1912
  11. Enppi Club – Egypt, founded in 1980
  12. Erzgebirge Aue – Germany, founded in 1946
  13. Erzurumspor – Turkey, founded in 1968
  14. Eskişehirspor – Turkey, founded in 1965
  15. EspΓ©rance Sportive de Tunis – Tunisia, founded in 1919
  16. Estoril Praia – Portugal, founded in 1939
  17. Estudiantes Tecos – Mexico, founded in 1971
  18. Ethnikos Achna FC – Cyprus, founded in 1968
  19. Etar Veliko Tarnovo – Bulgaria, founded in 1924
  20. Exeter City – England, founded in 1904
  21. Extremadura UD – Spain, founded in 2007
  22. East Fife – Scotland, founded in 1903
  23. Eastern Lions SC – Australia, founded in 1963
  24. Eastern AA – Hong Kong, founded in 1932
  25. Edinburgh City – Scotland, founded in 1928
  26. Egersunds IK – Norway, founded in 1919
  27. Egri FC – Hungary, founded in 1907
  28. El Porvenir – Argentina, founded in 1915
  29. Elgin City – Scotland, founded in 1893
  30. ElliΓ°i – Iceland, founded in 1951
  31. Emerald FC – Nigeria, founded in 1995
  32. Emmen – Netherlands, founded in 1925
  33. Empoli FC – Italy, founded in 1920
  34. EnkΓΆpings SK – Sweden, founded in 1914
  35. Envigado FC – Colombia, founded in 1989
  36. Ermis Aradippou FC – Cyprus, founded in 1958
  37. ES SΓ©tif – Algeria, founded in 1958
  38. Esbjerg fB – Denmark, founded in 1924
  39. Eskilstuna United DFF – Sweden, founded in 2002 (women’s football)
  40. Esteghlal FC – Iran, founded in 1945


What football teams start with the Letter E?

Everton, Estudiantes de La Plata, Espanyol, Eintracht Frankfurt, Everton de ViΓ±a del Mar, Elche CF, Empoli FC, Esbjerg fB, Excelsior, and Enyimba International FC are some of the football teams that start with the letter E. These teams represent varied leagues and countries, each with their unique fan base and history.

Which Premier League football team starts with the Letter E?

Everton is the Premier League football team that starts with the letter E. The club, based in Liverpool, England, is one of the oldest and most storied clubs, consistently competing at the highest level of English football.

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