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Who says magnificence in the football universe isn’t monogrammed with ‘J’?

Jump into a journey just jam-packed with jazzy juggernauts of the pitch as we jet-set through teams kicking, scoring, and cheering under the first letter of joy.

Join us to judge these jesters and jugglers of the global game!

10 Most Popular Football Teams That Start with the Letter J:

  1. Juventus
  2. Jiangsu Suning
  3. Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors
  4. Júbilo Iwata
  5. Jaguares de Chiapas
  6. Jong Ajax
  7. JS Kabylie
  8. Jeju United
  9. Jönköpings Södra IF
  10. Javor Ivanjica

#1 Juventus FC

  • 🌍 Country: Italy
  • 📅 Year Founded: 1897
  • 👔 Coach/Manager: Massimiliano Allegri

Juventus, nicknamed “La Vecchia Signora” or The Old Lady, is Italy’s most successful club. With numerous Serie A titles, Coppa Italia trophies, and European honors, Juventus has been home to football icons.

Their prominence on the pitch maintains their reputation as an Italian powerhouse and global brand.

#2 Jiangsu Suning FC

  • 🌍 Country: China
  • 📅 Year Founded: 1958
  • 👔 Coach/Manager: Cosmin Olăroiu

Jiangsu Suning, based in Nanjing, emerged as one of the Chinese Super League’s prominent teams, notably winning the league title in 2020.

However, the club ceased operations in 2021 due to financial difficulties, marking a surprising downfall for the side that once invested heavily in star talents.

#3 Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors

  • 🌍 Country: South Korea
  • 📅 Year Founded: 1993
  • 👔 Coach/Manager: José Morais

Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors is a powerhouse in the K League, known for their dominant performances and multiple championship wins.

Their success is built on a strong foundation of player development and tactical innovation.

#4 Júbilo Iwata

  • 🌍 Country: Japan
  • 📅 Year Founded: 1972
  • 👔 Coach/Manager: Fernando Jubero

Júbilo Iwata, with its rich tradition in the J.League, has enjoyed domestic success and is celebrated for its commitment to attacking football and developing young Japanese talent.

#5 Jaguares de Chiapas

  • 🌍 Country: Mexico
  • 📅 Year Founded: 2002
  • 👔 Coach/Manager: Ricardo La Volpe

Jaguares de Chiapas was known for its vibrant culture and passionate fan base before its dissolution in 2017.

The club made a significant impact in Mexican football during its existence, bringing excitement and competitive spirit to the Liga MX.

#6 Jong Ajax

  • 🌍 Country: Netherlands
  • 📅 Year Founded: 1900 (as Ajax)
  • 👔 Coach/Manager: Mitchell van der Gaag

Jong Ajax serves as the reserve team for AFC Ajax, competing in the Eerste Divisie.

It’s a crucial part of the Ajax development system, known for producing world-class talent and playing attractive football.

#7 JS Kabylie

  • 🌍 Country: Algeria
  • 📅 Year Founded: 1946
  • 👔 Coach/Manager: Denis Lavagne

JS Kabylie is one of the most successful football clubs in Algeria, with numerous league titles and African competition accolades.

The club is a symbol of Berber culture and pride, with a rich history of success and resilience.

#8 Jeju United

  • 🌍 Country: South Korea
  • 📅 Year Founded: 1982
  • 👔 Coach/Manager: Nam Ki-il

Jeju United has been a consistent presence in South Korean football, known for their entertaining style and commitment to promoting young players.

The island club is a favorite for its scenic home matches and competitive spirit.

#9 Jönköpings Södra IF

  • 🌍 Country: Sweden
  • 📅 Year Founded: 1922
  • 👔 Coach/Manager: Andreas Brännström

Jönköpings Södra IF competes in Sweden’s football leagues, priding itself on a strong community connection and a history of battling through the ranks.

The club’s green and white colors symbolize its identity and aspirations in Swedish football.

#10 Javor Ivanjica

  • 🌍 Country: Serbia
  • 📅 Year Founded: 1912
  • 👔 Coach/Manager: Igor Bondžulić

Javor Ivanjica is recognized in Serbian football for its resilience and the development of promising talents.

Competing in the Serbian SuperLiga, Javor has a loyal following and is known for its fighting spirit and determination to excel against more prominent clubs.

Other Popular Football Teams That Start with the Letter J

  1. Jablonec – Czech Republic, founded in 1945
  2. Jagiellonia Białystok – Poland, founded in 1920
  3. Jahn Regensburg – Germany, founded in 1907
  4. Jammerbugt FC – Denmark, founded in 1973
  5. Jeonnam Dragons – South Korea, founded in 1995
  6. Jerv – Norway, founded in 1921
  7. JJK Jyväskylä – Finland, founded in 1923
  8. Johor Darul Ta’zim – Malaysia, founded in 1972
  9. JS Saoura – Algeria, founded in 2008
  10. Juazeirense – Brazil, founded in 2006
  11. Juventude – Brazil, founded in 1913
  12. JEF United Chiba – Japan, founded in 1946
  13. JS Kabylie – Algeria, founded in 1946
  14. Jönköpings Södra IF – Sweden, founded in 1922
  15. Junior FC – Colombia, founded in 1924
  16. Juventus București – Romania, founded in 1924 (re-established in 1992)
  17. Jomo Cosmos – South Africa, founded in 1983
  18. Joinville – Brazil, founded in 1976
  19. Júbilo Iwata – Japan, founded in 1972
  20. Julho Esporte – Angola, founded date varies
  21. Jalapa – Nicaragua, founded in 1992
  22. Jarrow Roofing Boldon CA – England, founded in 1987
  23. JS Kairouan – Tunisia, founded in 1942
  24. JS Saint-Pierroise – Réunion, founded in 1902
  25. JSM Béjaïa – Algeria, founded in 1936
  26. JS Hercules – Finland, founded in 1998
  27. JKT Ruvu Stars – Tanzania, founded in 1975
  28. JK Narva Trans – Estonia, founded in 1979
  29. JKT Tanzania – Tanzania, founded in 1987
  30. Jomo Cosmos – South Africa, founded in 1983
  31. Jordan National Team – Jordan, founding year varies based on federation establishment
  32. Juventud Las Piedras – Uruguay, founded in 1935
  33. Juventud Unida Universitario – Argentina, founded in 1959
  34. Juventud de Torremolinos CF – Spain, founded in 1972
  35. Jyväskylän Seudun Palloseura (JYP) – Finland, founded in 1923
  36. Jerv – Norway, founded in 1921
  37. Jiangsu FC – China, founded in 1958 (formerly known as Jiangsu Suning)
  38. JK Tallinna Kalev – Estonia, founded in 1909
  39. JKT Ruvu Shooting – Tanzania, founded in 1987
  40. Jimma Aba Jifar FC – Ethiopia, founded in 1983


What football teams start with the Letter J?

Juventus, Jiangsu Suning, Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors, Júbilo Iwata, Jaguares de Chiapas, Jong Ajax, JS Kabylie, Jeju United, Jönköpings Södra IF, and Javor Ivanjica are some of the football teams that start with the Letter J. These teams are from different countries and have varying levels of success and fan bases.

Which Premier League football team starts with the Letter J?

There are currently no Premier League football teams that start with the letter J. Historical team names or club changes may affect this, but as of the latest season, no team starting with J competes in the Premier League.

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