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Catch the wind in your sails with the coolest kiteboarding podcasts out there!

These are the go-to listens for wave riders who crave epic stories, gear talks, and all the pro-tips your board can handle.

Ready to amp up your kite skills? Plug in and soar with the cream of the podcast crop!

Best Kiteboarding Podcasts

  1. The Kitesurf365 Podcast
  2. The Forecast – a kitesurfing pod
  3. Toms Kiteboarding Tips

#1 The Kitesurf365 Podcast

The Kitesurf365 Podcast
  • πŸŽ™οΈ Host: Adrian Kerr
  • ⏱️ Average Duration: 20-60 minutes, varies significantly
  • πŸ“‹ Structure: Interviews with professional kiteboarders, industry figures, and special guests; discussions on kiteboarding techniques, events, and lifestyle

The Kitesurf365 Podcast, hosted by veteran kiteboarder Adrian Kerr, brings listeners into the world of kiteboarding with exciting interviews and discussions. Whether you’re looking to get tips from the pros, hear the latest news from the kiteboarding scene, or just enjoy some kiteboarding culture, this podcast has you covered.

Where to find it: Kitesurf365 (Official Website), Apple Podcasts, Spotify

#2 The Forecast – a kitesurfing pod

The Forecast - a kitesurfing pod
  • πŸŽ™οΈ Hosts: Adrian Kerr and Michael Ericsson
  • ⏱️ Average Duration: 10-50 minutes, varies significantly
  • πŸ“‹ Structure: Provides an exhilarating exploration of kitesurfing conditions, techniques, gear reviews, and interviews with experts.

The Forecast – A Kitesurfing Pod serves as your ultimate stop for everything kitesurfing, immersing you in the dynamic realm of this aquatic sport. Through engaging discussions, insightful interviews, and detailed analysis, this podcast delves into various aspects of kitesurfing, including conditions, techniques, and equipment reviews.

Where to find it: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube

#3 Toms Kiteboarding Tips

Toms Kiteboarding Tips
  • πŸŽ™οΈ Hosts: Tom Fuller
  • ⏱️ Average Duration: 15-60 minutes, varies significantly
  • πŸ“‹ Structure: Delivers engaging discussions and expert advice aimed at elevating kiteboarding adventures.

Tom’s Kiteboarding Tips,” where Tom, a seasoned kiteboarding instructor with over a decade of teaching experience worldwide, shares invaluable insights gained from his passion for the sport since 1999. As the author of the best-selling book “Learn Kiteboarding Faster,” Tom brings a wealth of expertise to help kiteboarding enthusiasts of all levels enhance their skills and knowledge.

Where to find it: Apple Podcasts, Spotify


What are the best Kiteboarding podcasts?

Kitesurf365, The Forecast – a kitesurfing pod, and Toms Kiteboarding Tips are the best Kiteboarding podcasts, covering everything from gear reviews to interviews with professionals.

What Kiteboarding podcasts are on Spotify?

Kitesurf365, The Forecast – a kitesurfing pod, and Toms Kiteboarding Tips are Kiteboarding podcasts currently on Spotify, providing a range of shows for enthusiasts on the popular streaming platform.

What is the best Kiteboarding podcast for beginners?

The Forecast – a kitesurfing pod is the best Kiteboarding podcast for beginners, as it focuses on teaching techniques and providing tips that are crucial for new riders.

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