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When comparing speed skating and ice hockey arenas, speed skating venues are significantly larger. A standard long track speed skating oval is 400 meters in circumference and lanes are 4 meters wide, accommodating the sport’s sweeping turns. In contrast, a standard North American ice hockey rink is 200 feet long (61 meters) and 85 feet wide (25.9 meters), designed for a different set of dynamics.

Curious about how a speed skating arena stacks up against an ice hockey arena in size?

Explore the differences: the vast, elongated oval of the speed skating arena versus the compact, action-packed ice hockey arena.

Each is meticulously designed to enhance the fast-paced racing or strategic gameplay characteristic of their sports.

How big is a speed skating arena?

A speed skating arena is designed for the fast-paced, endurance-based sport of long track speed skating. The primary playing area is an oval track measuring 400 meters in circumference.

This expansive size is necessary to accommodate the high speeds and momentum that racers carry, especially in the long, sweeping turns that are a hallmark of the sport. Each lane on the track is 4 meters wide, allowing sufficient space for skaters to maintain their velocity without interference.

Speed Skating Arena Parts

  • Inner Lane and Outer Lane: The two lanes of the track enable skaters to switch lanes every lap, which provides balanced racing conditions.
  • Crossover Sections: Specific sections on the ice allow skaters to change lanes, ensuring that every competitor skates the same distance during a race.
  • Starting Lines: Staggered marked positions on the ice indicate where skaters will start for races of various distances.
  • Timing Equipment: Precision electronic systems are in place for accurate tracking of lap times and total race duration.
  • Spectator Areas: Seats are arranged around the track, offering fans a comprehensive view of the competitions.

How big is an ice hockey arena?

An ice hockey arena is designed around the standard ice hockey rink size, which measures about 200 feet in length (61 meters) and 85 feet in width (26 meters) according to the National Hockey League (NHL) standards. This space facilitates the high-speed, contact nature of ice hockey, providing ample room for team strategies, puck movement, and player agility.

The arena itself, including seating and other facilities, is considerably larger, but the rink dimensions are crucial for the sport’s gameplay and its dynamic, fast-paced action.

Ice Hockey Arena Parts

  • Ice Surface: The playing area, bounded by boards and Plexiglas to contain the puck and facilitate play.
  • Goals: Positioned at each end of the rink, the standard goal frame is 6 feet wide by 4 feet tall (1.83 by 1.22 meters).
  • Penalty Boxes: Areas opposite the team benches where players serve time for infractions.
  • Team Benches: Located on one side of the rink, opposite the penalty boxes.
  • Zamboni Entrance: The area where the ice resurfacing machine enters and exits the rink.
  • Spectator Areas: Seating that surrounds the rink on all sides, often with multiple tiers for varied viewing perspectives.

Which is bigger, a Speed Skating Arena or an Ice Hockey Arena?

A Speed Skating Arena is larger than an Ice Hockey Arena in terms of the playing surface.

Speed skating arenas, or long track venues, feature an oval track that measures 400 meters (about 1,312 feet) in circumference, significantly larger than the ice hockey rink. This size accommodates the long, sweeping strides and high speeds of speed skaters, providing a much larger surface area compared to the compact, action-packed ice hockey rink.

While both sports are played on ice, the stark difference in venue sizes highlights the distinct nature of eachβ€”speed skating’s emphasis on endurance and speed over longer distances versus ice hockey’s focus on agility, teamwork, and quick maneuvers within a confined space.


What are the dimensions of a speed skating arena?

A standard speed skating arena features a 400-meter long track with lanes that are 4 meters wide, designed for long-track competitions. Discover all the features in our speed skating arena dimensions article.

What are the dimensions of an ice hockey arena?

The dimensions of a standard North American ice hockey arena are 200 feet (61 meters) in length and 85 feet (25.9 meters) wide. International rinks may be slightly larger. Find out more in our ice hockey arena dimensions article.

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