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An American football field measures 120 yards long including end zones (360 feet) and 53.3 yards wide (160 feet), whereas a soccer stadium’s playing field averages 115 yards by 74.4 yards (345 by 223.2 feet). Thus, when comparing the overall surface area, the soccer field is generally larger.

Wondering about the size comparison between an American football field and a soccer stadium?

Dive into this analysis, contrasting the sprawling football fields with the expansive soccer stadiums.

Discover the role their dimensions play in shaping the game’s pace, strategies, and overall fan experience.

How big is an American Football Field?

An American football field, also known as a gridiron, encompasses specific measurements vital for the regulation of the game. The entire field measures 120 yards in length, which includes two end zones that are each 10 yards deep, and 53.3 yards in width.

The total dimensions correspond to approximately 109.7 meters by 48.8 meters. Due to its unique shape and size, the field caters to the distinct playstyle of American football.

American Football Field Parts

  • End Zone: The scoring area at each end of the field, 10 yards deep, where touchdowns occur.
  • Sidelines: The boundary lines running the length of the field on each side.
  • Goal Posts: Upright posts located at the back of each end zone, used for field goals and extra point attempts.
  • 50-Yard Line: The midfield line dividing the field equally between the two teams.
  • Yard Lines: Marked every 5 yards and numbered every 10 yards from each end zone to the center of the field to indicate distance.
  • Hash Marks: Lines indicating where the ball is placed at the start of each play; closer together in professional leagues.
  • Player Benches: Areas on the sideline for teams, usually situated between the 30-yard lines.

How Big is a Soccer Stadium?

A soccer field in a stadium typically ranges from 110 to 120 yards in length and 70 to 80 yards in width, meeting FIFA’s international standards.

These dimensions support the game’s expansive nature, facilitating a blend of endurance, strategy, and speed. While field sizes may vary globally, they consistently provide a vast playing area that underscores soccer’s widespread popularity.

Soccer Stadium Parts

  • Goal Area: A small box (6 yards from the goal line) inside the penalty area where the goalkeeper can take a goal kick.
  • Penalty Area: A larger box (18 yards from the goal line) that includes the goal area and within which the goalkeeper can use their hands and fouls by the defending team result in penalty kicks.
  • Halfway Line: Divides the pitch into two equal halves.
  • Center Circle: A circle with a radius of 9.15 meters (10 yards) at the center of the field, where kick-off occurs.
  • Goals: Located at the center of each goal line, 7.32 meters wide and 2.44 meters high.
  • Corner Arc: Quarter-circles at each corner of the field for corner kicks.
  • Touchlines and Goal Lines: The boundary lines around the edge of the field; touchlines run the length, and goal lines the width.

Which is bigger, an American Football Field or a Soccer Stadium?

Soccer Stadiums generally feature larger playing fields than American Football Fields. An American football field measures 120 yards in length, including end zones, and 53.3 yards in width. Soccer fields, on the other hand, extend from 110 to 120 yards long and 70 to 80 yards wide.

This distinction allows soccer to offer a game of continuous action across a more extensive area, contrasting with American football’s structured, start-stop gameplay. These differences in dimensions reflect the unique tactical and physical aspects of each sport.


What are the dimensions of an American Football field?

An American Football field, including end zones, is 120 yards long (109.7 meters) and 53.3 yards wide (48.8 meters). End zones are 10 yards deep. Further information about the field parts and layout can be found in our American Football field dimensions article.

What are the dimensions of a Soccer stadium?

A Soccer stadium’s field typically measures 105 meters in length and 68 meters in width, or about 115 yards by 74.4 yards, within FIFA guidelines. More on the specific field components is available in our Soccer stadium dimensions article.

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