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In comparing a beach volleyball court to an equestrian center, the equestrian center is substantially larger. A beach volleyball court is 52.5 feet long and 26.2 feet wide. Equestrian centers have multiple areas including outdoor arenas, often sized at least 65.6 x 196.8 feet for standard dressage tests, and much more.

Ever wondered how the sandy expanse of a beach volleyball court compares to the sprawling grounds of an equestrian center?

This exploration contrasts the intimate, boundary-defined play area of beach volleyball with the vast, open spaces of equestrian centers.

Discover how each environment is crafted to suit the dynamic movements of beach volleyball or the graceful agility of horseback riding.

How big is a beach volleyball court?

A standard beach volleyball court is explicitly designed for sand play, with dimensions measuring 16 meters (52.5 feet) in length and 8 meters (26.2 feet) in width. These measurements are in accordance with the guidelines of international governing bodies for beach volleyball and are slightly smaller than those of an indoor volleyball court.

Beach Volleyball Court Parts

  • Sand: The primary playing surface, characterized by its fine texture and absence of coarse material, shells, or stones to prevent player injury.
  • Boundary Lines: Defined by thin ropes or tapes, these lines demarcate the court’s edges and are colored for high visibility against the sand.
  • Net: Situated at the court’s midpoint, it has a top edge height of 2.43 meters (7.97 feet) for men and 2.24 meters (7.35 feet) for women in official competitions.
  • Antennae: Positioned at the net’s edge, these vertical markers solidify the lateral boundaries for the ball to cross over.
  • No Obstacle Zone: Surrounding the court, this buffer space must be clear of any potential hazards, typically extending 3 meters in width for player safety.

How big is an equestrian center?

An equestrian center encompasses a variety of facilities tailored to horse riding and competitions, including arenas, stables, and training fields. The size of the arenas within an equestrian center can vary, but a standard competition dressage arena is 20 meters wide (about 66 feet) and 60 meters long (approximately 197 feet).

These dimensions provide a spacious environment for horse and rider to perform a wide range of movements and jumps, reflecting the sport’s requirements for precision, agility, and harmony between horse and rider.

Equestrian Center Parts

  • Outdoor Arenas: Large, fenced areas with sand or specialized footing, used for training and competitions. Dimensions can vary, with dressage arenas being 20 x 60 meters for standard tests.
  • Indoor Arenas: Covered areas similar to outdoor arenas, allowing for year-round use, often used for training, lessons, and smaller competitions.
  • Stables: Provide housing for horses, including individual stalls, wash racks, and tack rooms for equipment.
  • Cross-Country Course: For eventing centers, featuring natural and artificial obstacles spread over a long outdoor course.
  • Warm-Up Areas: Spaces designated for riders to prepare their horses before entering the competition arena.

Which is bigger, a Beach Volleyball Court or an Equestrian Center?

An Equestrian Center is significantly larger than a Beach Volleyball Court.

A beach volleyball court measures 16 meters in length (about 52.5 feet) and 8 meters in width (approximately 26.2 feet), designed to accommodate the fast, dynamic nature of beach volleyball with ample space for dives and jumps.

In contrast, an equestrian center not only includes large arenas for dressage, jumping, and other events, but also stabling for horses, training fields, and sometimes spectator areas, covering a much more extensive area.

The scale of an equestrian center reflects the diverse activities and facilities required for equestrian sports, which necessitate large, specialized spaces for the care, training, and competition of horses, making it far larger than the comparatively compact area dedicated to a beach volleyball court.


What are the dimensions of a beach volleyball court?

A beach volleyball court is 16 meters (52.5 feet) long and 8 meters (26.2 feet) wide. This size is standard for international competitions. For specifics on components and clearances, check our beach volleyball court dimensions article.

What are the dimensions of an equestrian center?

Equestrian center sizes vary, but a typical dressage arena is 20 x 60 meters. Facilities include various arenas, stables, and possibly a cross-country course. Discover more in our equestrian center dimensions article.

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