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Who holds the title of the most popular soccer player from Uzbekistan?

Thriving both on domestic and international stages, these remarkable athletes have made their mark in the world of soccer.

Explore the most popular soccer players from Uzbekistan and learn about their impact on the beautiful game.

#1 Server Djeparov

  • πŸŽ‚ Born in: 1982
  • πŸ₯‡ Biggest Achievement: 2-time Asian Footballer of the Year

Server Djeparov, one of the most famous soccer players from Uzbekistan, has made a name for himself both domestically and internationally. His exceptional midfield skills and ability to create scoring opportunities have been essential for his teams’ success.

Djeparov’s achievements have helped put Uzbek soccer on the map and paved the way for future generations.

#2 Maksim Shatskikh

  • πŸŽ‚ Born in: 1978
  • πŸ₯‡ Biggest Achievement: Ukrainian Premier League Top Scorer

Maksim Shatskikh has established himself as one of Uzbekistan’s finest strikers, with a remarkable scoring record both domestically and internationally. His consistency in finding the back of the net has made him a fan favorite.

Throughout his career, Shatskikh has represented Uzbekistan proudly and demonstrated the nation’s soccer potential.

#3 Odil Ahmedov

  • πŸŽ‚ Born in: 1987
  • πŸ₯‡ Biggest Achievement: Uzbek Footballer of the Year

Odil Ahmedov, a versatile midfielder and defender, has been a key figure for both his club teams and the Uzbek national team. Known for his vision and powerful shots from a distance, Ahmedov has become one of Uzbekistan’s most popular soccer players.

His dedication to the game has been inspirational for countless aspiring athletes in Uzbekistan.

#4 Ignatiy Nesterov

  • πŸŽ‚ Born in: 1983
  • πŸ₯‡ Biggest Achievement: Most-capped goalkeeper for Uzbekistan

Ignatiy Nesterov has been an unwavering presence in the Uzbekistan national team’s goal. His excellent shot-stopping abilities and commanding presence have made him a vital component of the squad’s defensive lineup.

Nesterov’s success between the posts has inspired many young Uzbek goalkeepers to follow in his footsteps.

#5 Vitaliy Denisov

  • πŸŽ‚ Born in: 1987
  • πŸ₯‡ Biggest Achievement: Russian Football National League champion

Journeyman left-back Vitaliy Denisov has showcased his defensive prowess, representing various clubs throughout Europe. His tenacious defending, coupled with his ability to contribute offensively, has earned him a spot among Uzbekistan’s most popular soccer players.

Denisov’s extensive playing experience abroad has not only helped his career but has also highlighted the talent within Uzbek soccer.

#6 Azizbek Haydarov

  • πŸŽ‚ Born in: 1985
  • πŸ₯‡ Biggest Achievement: Most appearances for the Uzbekistan national team

Azizbek Haydarov, a tough-tackling defensive midfielder, has been the backbone of the Uzbekistan national team for many years. His determination and ability to break up opposition attacks have made him a vital part of the team’s success.

Haydarov has become an icon for Uzbek soccer fans, setting the standard for future players to follow.

#7 Sanjar Tursunov

  • πŸŽ‚ Born in: 1986
  • πŸ₯‡ Biggest Achievement: 2-time Uzbekistan Super League Top Scorer

Sanjar Tursunov, a talented striker, has demonstrated his goal-scoring abilities in the Uzbekistan Super League and internationally. His eye for goal and finishing skills have earned him recognition as a fan favorite.

Tursunov’s performances have inspired many young soccer players in Uzbekistan to hone their attacking skills.

#8 Alexander Geynrikh

  • πŸŽ‚ Born in: 1984
  • πŸ₯‡ Biggest Achievement: Uzbekistan Footballer of the Year

Alexander Geynrikh has been a key figure in the Uzbek national team’s attack for over a decade. Known for his speed and technical abilities, Geynrikh has been a popular player among Uzbekistan soccer fans.

His commitment and performances have set a high bar for future attacking talents in Uzbek soccer.

#9 Jasur Hasanov

  • πŸŽ‚ Born in: 1988
  • πŸ₯‡ Biggest Achievement: Multiple Uzbekistan Cup and Super League titles

Jasur Hasanov, a versatile player capable of playing in midfield and defense, has been a crucial component for his club teams and the Uzbek national team. His work rate and ability to read the game have contributed to his popularity among fans.

Hasanov’s achievements reflect the perseverance and personal growth required of soccer players in Uzbekistan.

#10 Sardor Rashidov

  • πŸŽ‚ Born in: 1991
  • πŸ₯‡ Biggest Achievement: AFC Champions League Top Scorer

Sardor Rashidov, a skillful winger known for his dribbling and crossing abilities, has been a standout player in Uzbek club soccer and the national team. His contributions in creating attacking opportunities have been essential to his team’s success.

Rashidov’s rise in popularity has showcased the potential of Uzbek wingers to compete at high levels in international soccer.

#11 Anzur Ismailov

  • πŸŽ‚ Born in: 1985
  • πŸ₯‡ Biggest Achievement: Several Uzbekistan Super League and Cup titles

Anzur Ismailov, a central defender, has been a reliable figure in the backline for the Uzbek national team and various clubs. His composure, ability to win aerial duels, and timely interceptions have made him an important component of his teams.

Ismailov’s successful career has demonstrated the value of solid defending for players aspiring to make their mark in Uzbek soccer.

From Sweden to Central Asia, discover the skills of the most popular soccer players from Uzbekistan.



Who is the greatest soccer player in the history of Uzbekistan?

Server Djeparov, twice Asian Player of the Year, is regarded as the greatest soccer player in Uzbekistan’s history.

Who is the most famous female soccer player from Uzbekistan?

Lyudmila Karachik, a prominent participant in Asian women’s football, is the most famous female soccer player from Uzbekistan.

Which soccer player from Uzbekistan is the most recognized internationally?

Server Djeparov is the most internationally recognized soccer player from Uzbekistan, having played in multiple Asian leagues.

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