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Who leads the pack among Lithuania’s sporting elite?

Dive into the world of the most popular soccer players from Lithuania, and witness their impact on the beautiful game.

#1 Edgaras Jankauskas

  • 🎂 Born in: 1975
  • 🥇 Biggest Achievement: Winning the UEFA Cup with FC Porto in 2003

Edgaras Jankauskas, widely regarded as one of Lithuania’s finest footballers, had a successful club career that took him to several countries across Europe. His goal-scoring ability and determination have seen him make a significant impact on both domestic and international stages.

As a coach, he continues to promote soccer in Lithuania and develop promising young talents.

#2 Arvydas Novikovas

  • 🎂 Born in: 1990
  • 🥇 Biggest Achievement: Regular member of the Lithuania national team

Arvydas Novikovas, a skilled winger, has used his exceptional dribbling and crossing abilities to play for various clubs in Europe. He has become an essential part of the Lithuanian national team since making his debut in 2008.

His consistency and commitment have earned him recognition as one of Lithuania’s most popular soccer players.

#3 Saulius Mikoliūnas

  • 🎂 Born in: 1984
  • 🥇 Biggest Achievement: Scottish Cup winner with Heart of Midlothian FC

Saulius Mikoliūnas is renowned for his versatility and vision, which have allowed him to excel in numerous positions over his career. As a winger known for his creativity and work ethic, Mikoliūnas has had a significant influence on Lithuanian football.

His commitment to the game has made him a respected figure both on and off the field.

#4 Marius Žaliūkas

  • 🎂 Born in: 1983
  • 🥇 Biggest Achievement: Scottish Cup winner and captain of Heart of Midlothian FC

Marius Žaliūkas was an imposing central defender known for his physicality and excellent tackling skills. His leadership qualities saw him wear the captain’s armband at both club and national levels.

His significant contributions to Lithuanian soccer have been widely recognized, making him a popular figure among fans.

#5 Fiodor Černych

  • 🎂 Born in: 1991
  • 🥇 Biggest Achievement: Captain of the Lithuania national team

Fiodor Černych, a versatile and hardworking forward, has plied his trade for clubs across Europe. His tactical intelligence and goal-scoring capabilities have made him a key player for the Lithuanian national team, where he has worn the captain’s armband proudly since 2017.

Hailed as one of Lithuania’s most talented soccer players, Černych continues to inspire future generations.

#6 Deimantas Petravičius

  • 🎂 Born in: 1995
  • 🥇 Biggest Achievement: Representing Lithuania in UEFA European Championship Qualifiers

Deimantas Petravičius is a pacey winger known for his impressive dribbling skills and ability to provide accurate crosses. His natural talent has seen him represent Lithuania in various international competitions, including the UEFA European Championship qualifiers.

His dedication and passion for the sport have led him to become one of Lithuania’s most popular soccer players in recent years.

#7 Tomas Danilevičius

  • 🎂 Born in: 1978
  • 🥇 Biggest Achievement: All-time top scorer for the Lithuania national team

Tomas Danilevičius, a powerful striker with excellent goal-scoring instincts, has been a pivotal figure for the Lithuanian national team over the years. He is the all-time leading scorer for his country, contributing to the team’s success at various international competitions.

His impact on Lithuanian soccer is unquestionable, making him a respected and popular figure.

#8 Darvydas Šernas

  • 🎂 Born in: 1984
  • 🥇 Biggest Achievement: Top scorer for the Lithuania national team at the UEFA Euro 2012 Qualifiers

Darvydas Šernas, a skillful forward known for his pace and eye for goal, has represented his country on numerous occasions. He was Lithuania’s top scorer during the UEFA Euro 2012 qualifiers, earning widespread recognition for his efforts.

His offensive capabilities and dedication to the sport have made him a fan favorite in Lithuania.

#9 Giedrius Arlauskis

  • 🎂 Born in: 1987
  • 🥇 Biggest Achievement: Consistent first-choice goalkeeper for the Lithuania national team

Giedrius Arlauskis, a talented goalkeeper with impressive reflexes and a commanding presence, has been a central figure in Lithuania’s defensive line. As the first-choice goalkeeper for the national team, Arlauskis has showcased excellent shot-stopping abilities and leadership skills.

His performances on the international stage have established him as one of Lithuania’s most popular soccer players.

#10 Nerijus Valskis

  • 🎂 Born in: 1987
  • 🥇 Biggest Achievement: Winning the Golden Boot in the Indian Super League

Nerijus Valskis, a clinical striker with an exceptional goal-scoring record, has proven his mettle in various leagues across the globe. He won the Golden Boot in the Indian Super League, further cementing his status as a lethal finisher.

His ability to find the back of the net consistently has earned him a spot among Lithuania’s most popular soccer players.

#11 Artūras Žulpa

  • 🎂 Born in: 1990
  • 🥇 Biggest Achievement: Steady presence in the Lithuania national team midfield

Artūras Žulpa, a central midfielder known for his exceptional ball control and tactical awareness, has been a key cog in the Lithuanian national team’s engine room. His ability to break down opposition attacks and initiate forward plays has made him a vital asset for his country.

His contributions on the field have led him to be recognized as one of Lithuania’s most popular soccer players in recent times.



Who is the greatest soccer player in the history of Lithuania?

Arguably, the greatest soccer player in Lithuania’s history is Edgaras Jankauskas, a former striker.

Who is the most famous female soccer player from Lithuania?

Ruta Spukiene is arguably the most famous female soccer player from Lithuania.

Which Lithuanian soccer player is the most recognized internationally?

Edgaras Jankauskas is the most internationally recognized Lithuanian soccer player, known for his time at FC Porto.

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