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Imagine a world where the letter ‘C’ isn’t just the third in the alphabet but the starting mark of legends on the lush green football fields.

From captivating tricksters to commanding defenders, these champions with ‘C’ have shaped the game we adore.

Gear up, young fans, as we meet the icons who kicked off their journey with ‘C’ and scored their way into our hearts.

10 Most Famous Football Players Whose Name Starts with C:

  1. Cafu
  2. Careca
  3. Carlos Alberto
  4. Carlos Valderrama
  5. Charles Wreford-Brown
  6. Cha Bum-Kun
  7. Cristiano Ronaldo
  8. Casillas, Iker
  9. Charlton, Bobby
  10. Charlton, Jack

#1 Cafu

  • πŸŽ‚ Birthday: June 7, 1970
  • 🌎 Nationality: Brazilian
  • ⚽ Position: Right-Back

Cafu, also known as Marcos Evangelista de Morais, is widely celebrated for his exceptional stamina and tireless runs down the flank.

As the most capped Brazilian player, his leadership and skill were crucial to Brazil’s World Cup victories in 1994 and 2002. His attacking prowess from the defense redefined the modern right-back role.

#2 Careca

  • πŸŽ‚ Birthday: October 5, 1960
  • 🌎 Nationality: Brazilian
  • ⚽ Position: Striker

AntΓ΄nio de Oliveira Filho, better known as Careca, was a powerful and prolific striker for both club and country. He rose to fame in the 1980s, starring for Napoli alongside Diego Maradona.

Careca’s international impact was marked by his performance in the 1986 World Cup, where his goals helped Brazil reach the quarter-finals.

#3 Carlos Alberto

  • πŸŽ‚ Birthday: July 17, 1944
  • 🌎 Nationality: Brazilian
  • ⚽ Position: Right-Back

Carlos Alberto, famed for captaining Brazil to their 1970 World Cup victory, scored one of the greatest World Cup goals in the final.

His leadership and defensive skills were pivotal in defining the role of a modern defender.

#4 Carlos Valderrama

  • πŸŽ‚ Birthday: September 2, 1961
  • 🌎 Nationality: Colombian
  • ⚽ Position: Midfielder

With his distinctive hair and sublime passing, Carlos Valderrama, also known as “El Pibe,” was the creative force behind Colombia’s rise in international football during the 1990s. His vision and skill in midfield remain legendary.

#5 Charles Wreford-Brown

  • πŸŽ‚ Birthday: October 9, 1866
  • 🌎 Nationality: English
  • ⚽ Position: Amateur sportsman, attributed with coining the term “soccer”

Charles Wreford-Brown was an influential figure in early football history, remembered for his contributions as an amateur player and for allegedly popularizing the term “soccer,” derived from “association football.”

#6 Cha Bum-Kun

  • πŸŽ‚ Birthday: May 22, 1953
  • 🌎 Nationality: South Korean
  • ⚽ Position: Forward

Cha Bum-Kun enjoyed a prolific career in Germany with Eintracht Frankfurt and Bayer Leverkusen.

Known for his powerful shooting and robust play, he is considered one of Asia’s greatest football exports.

#7 Cristiano Ronaldo

  • πŸŽ‚ Birthday: February 5, 1985
  • 🌎 Nationality: Portuguese
  • ⚽ Position: Forward

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the foremost figures in football, known for his scoring records, athleticism, and longevity.

His accolades include multiple Ballon d’Or awards and Champions League titles, making significant impacts at Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Juventus.

#8 Iker Casillas

  • πŸŽ‚ Birthday: May 20, 1981
  • 🌎 Nationality: Spanish
  • ⚽ Position: Goalkeeper

Iker Casillas, famed for his reflexes and shot-stopping ability, was integral to Spain’s World Cup victory in 2010 and their two European Championships.

His career at Real Madrid is studded with numerous domestic and international honors.

#9 Bobby Charlton

  • πŸŽ‚ Birthday: October 11, 1937
  • 🌎 Nationality: English
  • ⚽ Position: Midfielder/Forward

A survivor of the Munich air disaster, Bobby Charlton became a symbol of resilience and talent.

His career at Manchester United was marked by significant achievements, including winning the European Cup and numerous league titles.

#10 Jack Charlton

  • πŸŽ‚ Birthday: May 8, 1935
  • 🌎 Nationality: English
  • ⚽ Position: Defender

Older brother to Bobby Charlton, Jack Charlton was a key part of England’s 1966 World Cup-winning team.

Known for his no-nonsense defending, he also had a successful managerial career, notably with the Republic of Ireland.

Other football players whose name starts with C

  1. CΓ©dric Soares – Portuguese, Defender
  2. Claudio Pizarro – Peruvian, Striker
  3. Callum Robinson – British-Irish, Forward
  4. Carlo Cudicini – Italian, Goalkeeper
  5. Chencho Gyeltshen – Bhutanese, Forward
  6. Craig Johnston – Australian, Midfielder
  7. Carlos Alberto Parreira – Brazilian, Manager
  8. Catilina Aubameyang – Gabonese, Left-Winger
  9. Craig Bellamy – Welsh, Forward
  10. Carlos Bacca – Colombian, Striker
  11. Claudio Marchisio – Italian, Midfielder
  12. Calum Chambers – English, Defender
  13. Cheick TiotΓ© – Ivorian, Defensive Midfielder
  14. Carlton Cole – English, Forward
  15. Christian Fuchs – Austrian, Defender
  16. Casemiro – Brazilian, Midfielder
  17. Cavani, Edinson – Uruguayan, Forward
  18. Cazorla, Santiago – Spanish, Midfielder
  19. Cech, Petr – Czech, Goalkeeper
  20. Chiellini, Giorgio – Italian, Defender


Which famous football players have names that start with “C”?

Cafu, Careca, Carlos Alberto, and Cristiano Ronaldo are some of the most famous football players whose names start with “C”. They are renowned for their exceptional contributions to the sport globally.

Which Premier League players have names that start with “C”?

Currently, this article highlights historical figures rather than contemporary Premier League players with names that start with “C”. Please refer to up-to-date team rosters for active player names.

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