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Swap your racket for a bookmark as the squash ball’s echo transforms into a turning page.

Every lob and drive, every tactical finesse and mental struggle leaps from court to cover in this collection, giving you the insider’s view of squash’s soul-stirring sagas and wisdom.

Set to explore the premier stories squash has to unveil?

Best Squash Books:

  1. Squash: Steps to Success
  2. Run to the Roar: Coaching to Overcome Fear
  3. Shot and a Ghost: A Year in the Brutal World of Professional Squash
  4. The Squash Workshop: A Complete Game Guide
  5. Squash: Skills – Techniques – Tactics
  6. Winning Squash

#1 Squash: Steps to Success

  • ✍️ Author: Philip Yarrow
  • πŸ“† Year Published: 1990
  • πŸ“˜ Genre: Strategy and Coaching, Youth and High School Squash

“Squash: Steps to Success” stands out as a highly instructional guide, providing a clear pathway for players aiming to master the game of squash.

Yarrow’s structured approach breaks down the sport into manageable steps, each one building upon the last, to ensure a solid foundation in both strategy and technique. The book caters especially well to younger players and high school teams seeking to enhance their performance through a series of well-organized developmental drills and exercises. It’s an essential read for anyone serious about forging a strong squash skill set.

#2 Run to the Roar: Coaching to Overcome Fear

  • ✍️ Author: Paul Assaiante and James Zug
  • πŸ“† Year Published: 2010
  • πŸ“˜ Genre: Biographies and Autobiographies, Strategy and Coaching

In “Run to the Roar: Coaching to Overcome Fear,” Paul Assaiante, one of the most successful squash coaches in history, joins forces with writer James Zug to share his philosophy and coaching techniques.

This biographical exploration weaves through Assaiante’s personal life and victorious coaching career, providing insights into his methodology of using fear as a catalyst for growth. Readers are treated to an intimate look at the transformation of talented individuals into a formidable team, making it a compelling read for enthusiasts and coaches seeking to inspire and lead with courage.

#3 Shot and a Ghost: A Year in the Brutal World of Professional Squash

  • ✍️ Author: James Willstrop with Rod Gilmour
  • πŸ“† Year Published: 2012
  • πŸ“˜ Genre: Biographies and Autobiographies

Travel into the heart of professional squash with “Shot and a Ghost,” where James Willstrop, a former world number one, candidly recounts a grueling season on the circuit. This autobiography provides an unflinching account of the physical and psychological toll that the sport demands, offering readers an unprecedented look at the soul of a top-level player.

Willstrop’s emotional and revealing journey is one of resilience, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. As much a human story as a sports chronicle, this book is an essential read for anyone curious about the sacrifices behind sporting greatness.

#4 The Squash Workshop: A Complete Game Guide

  • ✍️ Author: Ian McKenzie
  • πŸ“† Year Published: 1998
  • πŸ“˜ Genre: Strategy and Coaching

Ian McKenzie’s “The Squash Workshop” serves as an extensive manual for players looking to elevate every aspect of their game. This guide meticulously details various techniques and tactical approaches appropriate for different skill levels.

From fundamental mechanics to sophisticated strategies, McKenzie offers practical advice on training, match preparation, and gameplay. Its comprehensive nature makes the book a valuable companion for both novice players and seasoned competitors eager to refine their skills. “The Squash Workshop” is a treasure trove of knowledge for any squash aficionado.

#5 Squash: Skills – Techniques – Tactics

  • ✍️ Author: Peter A. Hirst
  • πŸ“† Year Published: – 2006
  • πŸ“˜ Genre: Strategy and Coaching

Perfect for players at all levels, “Squash: Skills – Techniques – Tactics” by Peter A. Hirst is a compact yet comprehensive resource that delves into the core elements of squash. Hirst lays out concise instructions for developing fundamental skills, mastering complex techniques, and implementing smart tactics.

The book ensures that readers gain a thorough understanding of how to optimize their game while maintaining an emphasis on the physical and mental aspects of squash. With clarity and expertise, this guide equips players with the tools to achieve their squash aspirations.

#6 Winning Squash

  • ✍️ Author: Jahangir Khan
  • πŸ“† Year Published: 1985
  • πŸ“˜ Genre: Strategy and Coaching

Learn from a legend in “Winning Squash” by Jahangir Khan, the record-breaking world champion who dominated the sport in the 1980s. In this instructional book, Khan imparts the knowledge and strategies that made him an unbeatable force in professional squash.

Readers can expect to gain unique insights into enhancing their play, with tips on fitness, shot-making, and game psychology. This book offers an invaluable opportunity to study the tactics of one of the greatest players in squash history, making it a must-read for athletes and enthusiasts keen on understanding the art of winning.


What are the best Squash books of all time?

“Winning Squash,” “Squash: A History of the Game,” “The Millman Experience,” “Advanced Squash,” and “Shot and a Ghost” are the best squash books of all time. These books cover a wide array of topics from historical contexts to individual experiences and advanced techniques.

What is the best Squash book for adults?

“Shot and a Ghost” by James Willstrop is the best squash book for adults, offering an intimate portrayal of the life of a professional squash player with rich detail and emotional depth.

What are the best books for Squash fundamentals and strategy?

“Winning Squash,” by Jahangir Khan, and “Advanced Squash,” by John Lees, are the best books for squash fundamentals and strategy, providing readers with a deep understanding of the techniques, tactics, and mental aspects of the game.

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