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Bowling was invented by ancient Egyptians around 3200 BC.

This popular sport has a rich and fascinating history that spans millennia.

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Bowling Invention Timeline

  • 3200 BC: Ancient Egyptians play an early form of bowling.
  • 50 AD: Romans introduce a similar game using stone balls.
  • 300 AD: Bowling-like game used in German churches.
  • 1300s: Bowling gains popularity across Europe.
  • 1609: England’s King James I bans bowling.
  • 1700s: European settlers introduce bowling to America.
  • 1840s: Ten-pin bowling emerges in response to nine-pin ban.
  • 1895: American Bowling Congress (ABC) established.
  • 1916: Women’s International Bowling Congress (WIBC) founded.
  • 1936: Automatic pinsetter invented by Gottfried Schmidt.
  • 1950s: Television broadcasts popularize bowling.
  • 1958: Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) established.
  • 1960s: Automatic scoring systems introduced.
  • 1970s: Bowling’s golden age in professional sport.
  • 1980s: New bowling centers help maintain interest.
  • 1990s-2000s: Technological advancements impact equipment and gameplay.

Facts known about Bowling Invention

  1. Ancient Beginnings: Bowling’s origins date back to 3200 BC in Egypt, making it one of the oldest known sports.
  2. Global Evolution: The sport evolved across various cultures, including ancient Rome and Germany, before reaching the United States.
  3. Prohibition and Adaptation: Several bans led to the creation of ten-pin bowling as an alternative to the prohibited nine-pin variant.
  4. Organized Growth: The establishment of the ABC and WIBC played a crucial role in structuring and popularizing the sport.
  5. Technological Impact: Bowling embraced innovations such as automatic pinsetters and scoring systems, revolutionizing the sport and ensuring its continued success.


Who invented Bowling?

Though its exact inventor is unknown, Bowling was established as a sport by the English, Dutch, and German settlers.

When was Bowling invented?

Bowling’s origins date back to about 3200 BC, making it one of the oldest sports in the world.

Where did Bowling originate?

Bowling is believed to have originated in Ancient Egypt, based on artifacts discovered in tombs, indicating the sport was played in a similar form.

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