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Get ready to kick off an exciting adventure in search of the Taekwondo titans!

Strap on your black belt and leap into the thrilling world where the ancient art of Taekwondo thrives.

Which corners of the globe are home to the fiercest kicks and sharpest punches? Time to find out!

Countries where Taekwondo is most popular:

  1. South Korea
  2. Iran
  3. United States
  4. Turkey
  5. Spain
  6. China
  7. Mexico
  8. Russia
  9. Brazil
  10. Germany
  11. France

#1 South Korea

Korea.net / Korean Culture and Information Service (Photographer name), Korea Taekwondo Hanmadang 51, scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY-SA 2.0

As the birthplace of Taekwondo, South Korea holds a special place in the martial art’s history and global identity.

With a robust training infrastructure and strong governmental support, it’s integrated into the national culture, promoting physical fitness and mental discipline. The country consistently produces top-level athletes, reflecting its central role in the sport’s development and international prominence.

#2 Iran

MojNews, Taekwondo at the 2020 Summer Olympics – Mixed competition – Iran vs. China (29), scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY 4.0

Taekwondo in Iran has flourished, becoming one of the country’s leading sports. The martial art appeals to Iran’s spirit of strength and resilience, with the nation regularly showcasing formidable competitors in international arenas.

Government investment in sports has helped cultivate local talent, resulting in a strong national team that contributes to Taekwondo’s popularity and success.

#3 United States

U.S. Army WCAP2018 USA Taekwondo National Championships (43327068741), scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY-SA 2.0

In the United States, Taekwondo enjoys widespread popularity as a sport and form of self-defense, endorsed by a diverse demographic from youth to adults.

The country boasts numerous dojangs (training halls), high participation in national tournaments, and has achieved notable success in the Olympics, contributing to its broad appeal and establishment as a prominent martial art.

#4 Turkey

Mikail ÇetinerAslando Gösterisi, scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY-SA 4.0

Taekwondo has seen a surge in popularity in Turkey, driven both by the government’s support for sports and private initiatives.

Turkish athletes have made a mark on the international Taekwondo scene, capturing medals and fostering national pride. The martial art is widely practiced across the country, embedded in the fabric of Turkish sports culture.

#5 Spain

Uxue CifuentesCampeonato Taekwondo, scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY-SA 4.0

Taekwondo in Spain has gained substantial popularity as a martial art and competitive sport. The Spanish Taekwondo Federation plays a pivotal role in promoting the sport and organizing national and international competitions, which have helped to enhance Spain’s reputation in the global Taekwondo community.

Spanish athletes have achieved considerable success in European and Olympic competitions, contributing to the sport’s growing appeal and professional training facilities across the country.

#6 China

gyx2002Taekwondo kids at China, scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY 2.5 CN

In China, Taekwondo is one of the popular martial arts, embraced for both its physical and mental discipline. The sport has been incorporated into many of the national fitness programs and educational systems, reflecting its importance in fostering physical health and self-defense skills.

Chinese Taekwondo athletes are highly competitive on the international stage, consistently performing well in Asian Games and Olympics, thanks to rigorous training programs and a strong institutional framework.

#7 Mexico

EmilianoCervantesWorld Tae Kwon Do Open CAR La Loma Día 1 entrenamiento 3, scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY-SA 4.0

Taekwondo has experienced significant growth in popularity in Mexico, where it is one of the most practiced martial arts. Mexican athletes have gained international recognition, with impressive performances in the Pan American Games and Olympic competitions.

The sport’s accessibility and the presence of dedicated training centers contribute to its widespread popularity, and it is often included in school programs, further cementing its place in Mexican sports culture.

#8 Russia

Primavera-olTaekwondo-Gaidar, scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY-SA 4.0

In Russia, Taekwondo has garnered a substantial following, supported by a robust national federation that oversees the training and development of athletes. Russian competitors have consistently shown strength in European and World Championships, showcasing the country’s investment in martial arts.

This commitment to excellence is reflected in the number of quality facilities and the prestige of Taekwondo events hosted in Russia, which highlight the sport’s prominence.

#9 Brazil

Ministério da DefesaCampeonato Mundial Militar de Taekwondo – Terceiro dia (45225206085), scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY 2.0

Taekwondo in Brazil has seen a growing popularity, especially after the country hosted the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The sport has become a popular discipline within the martial arts community, with numerous Brazilian taekwondo athletes achieving success on the world stage.

The presence of taekwondo in Brazilian sports institutions and its inclusion in various educational programs has helped in nurturing young talent and increasing its popularity across the nation.

#10 Germany

© Olaf Kosinsky Olaf Kosinsky creator QS:P170,Q30108329, 2018-09-16 ZDF Fernsehgarten Taekwondo Dosenrekord-8761, scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY-SA 3.0 DE

Taekwondo in Germany is recognized for its structured training and development programs, which cater to all age groups. The German Taekwondo Union, the main governing body, ensures high standards of practice and competition, organizing numerous events that contribute to the sport’s popularity and accessibility.

German athletes are known for their technical skills and have garnered respect in international Taekwondo circuits, often achieving medals in European and World Championships.

#11 France

Pierre-Yves Beaudouin / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.02014 French Open Taekwondo – Antonio Divkovic vs Stevens Barclais 12, scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY-SA 4.0

France has a vibrant Taekwondo community with widespread participation across the country. The French Federation of Taekwondo and Associated Disciplines actively promotes the sport, focusing on both the traditional martial art aspects and the Olympic sport version.

French Taekwondo practitioners have gained international acclaim, particularly in Olympic competitions, where they have consistently demonstrated excellence and brought home medals. The sport’s popularity in France is also boosted by its inclusivity and the values of respect and discipline that it instills in participants.


Which country is Taekwondo played the most?

Taekwondo is played the most in South Korea, the country where the martial art was developed, and it continues to be a crucial aspect of physical education and cultural heritage.

Which country watches Taekwondo the most?

South Korea watches Taekwondo the most, with high television viewership during national and international competitions, reflecting its status as the national sport.

Where was Taekwondo originally played?

Taekwondo was originally played in Korea, with its roots traced back to over 2,000 years ago. For more on its origins, here’s a link to our Taekwondo history article. It has evolved from a form of military training into a global competitive sport.

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