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Hold on to your helmets, thrill-seekers!

Are you ready to zoom through icy tracks at lightning speeds? Enter the world of bobsledding, where courage meets cold steel.

Curious about where this adrenaline-pumping sport is most beloved?

Join us as we rocket through the top spots for bobsled brilliance!

Countries where bobsledding is most popular:

  1. Germany
  2. Canada
  3. United States
  4. Switzerland
  5. Russia
  6. Austria
  7. Italy
  8. Latvia
  9. Great Britain
  10. France
  11. Norway

#1 Germany

Steffen Prößdorf, 2021-02-13 IBSF World Championships Bobsleigh and Skeleton Altenberg 1DX 5060 by Stepro, scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY-SA 4.0

Germany’s dominance in bobsledding is underscored by its consistent performance in World Championships and the Olympics.

With multiple tracks and a strong infrastructure for winter sports, Germany has cultivated elite athletes, contributing to its status as a bobsled powerhouse. Bobsledding is not just a sport but a point of national pride in German athletic tradition.

#2 Canada

Duncan RawlinsonWomen’s Bobsleigh Final, scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY 2.0

In Canada, the love for bobsledding is as solid as ice, reflecting the country’s affinity for winter sports. Canada boasts world-class facilities like the track in Calgary, host of the 1988 Winter Olympics.

With numerous Olympic medals to their name, Canadians celebrate bobsledding as part of the national sport heritage, and it remains a popular winter pastime.

#3 United States

Tim Hipps, USA-1 in heat 3 of 4 man bobsleigh at 2010 Winter Olympics 2010-02-27, scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC0 1.0

The United States has a storied history in bobsledding, having hosted two Winter Olympics with tracks in Lake Placid and Park City.

American teams have achieved remarkable success, bolstered by the country’s sports facilities and talent pool. Bobsledding is ingrained in America’s winter sports culture, resonating with a spirit of competition and excellence.

#4 Switzerland

Sander van GinkelTwo-man bobsleigh, 2014 Winter Olympics, Switzerland(14), scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY-SA 3.0

Switzerland is a powerhouse in bobsledding, with a long-standing tradition and excellent natural facilities for the sport.

The country’s mountainous terrain, including tracks like the famous one in St. Moritz, provides ideal conditions for bobsledding. Swiss teams have consistently excelled in international competitions, including the Olympics, underpinned by a robust training program and a strong culture of winter sports.

#5 Russia

Groman123, 2015 Bobsleigh World Championships in Winterberg – Four man race – Russian team, scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY-SA 2.0

Bobsledding in Russia has seen significant growth, particularly after hosting the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, where the country invested heavily in winter sports infrastructure.

Russian bobsledders have shown strong performances on the international stage, supported by the government’s focus on developing winter sports as a national priority. The sport benefits from Russia’s cold climate and facilities that allow year-round training.

#6 Austria

Sandro Halank, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0, 2020-02-22 1st run 2-man bobsleigh (Bobsleigh & Skeleton World Championships Altenberg 2020) by Sandro Halank–510, scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY-SA 4.0

Austria has a rich history in bobsledding, with natural and artificial tracks that are among the best in the world.

Austrian teams are known for their technical skill and innovation in sled design, often leading to strong performances in World Cup and Olympic competitions. The sport is deeply integrated into the country’s winter sports tradition, supported by extensive training programs.

#7 Italy

Sandro Halank, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0, 2020-03-01 3rd run 4-man bobsleigh (Bobsleigh & Skeleton World Championships Altenberg 2020) by Sandro Halank–075, scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY-SA 4.0

Bobsledding in Italy benefits from the nation’s diverse geographical landscape, providing ideal sites for winter sports and sledding tracks.

With a history of strong performances in Winter Olympics and world championships, Italy’s bobsled teams are bolstered by a tradition of excellence in sports engineering and design, enhancing their competitiveness. The sport’s popularity is underlined by enthusiastic local fan bases supporting their national teams.

#8 Latvia

Sandro Halank, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0, 2020-02-29 1st run 4-man bobsleigh (Bobsleigh & Skeleton World Championships Altenberg 2020) by Sandro Halank–503, scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY-SA 4.0

In Latvia, bobsledding’s popularity is underscored by the country’s impressive track record in international competitions, despite its small size. Latvians hold the sport in high esteem, with the Sigulda track being a hub for training and international events.

The dedicated involvement at the grassroots level has cultivated a generation of athletes who continue to excel on the world stage, bringing pride and recognition to Latvia.

#9 Great Britain

Steffen Prößdorf, 2020-02-27 IBSF World Championships Bobsleigh and Skeleton Altenberg 1DX 8812 by Stepro, scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY-SA 4.0

Great Britain’s historical engagement with bobsledding, marked by its participation since the sport’s advent in the Winter Olympic Games, has fostered a strong culture around this thrilling winter sport.

British teams have achieved notable successes, making bobsledding a symbol of perseverance and national sporting spirit. Enthusiasts across the country follow and support their athletes, enhancing the sport’s prominence within the UK.

#10 France

Sandro Halank, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0, 2021-02-05 1st run 2-woman bobsleigh (Bobsleigh & Skeleton World Championships Altenberg 2021) by Sandro Halank–049, scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY-SA 4.0

France competes in bobsledding at a high level, with participation in international competitions such as the Winter Olympics.

French bobsledders train primarily in the Alps, utilizing world-class facilities that offer excellent training grounds. The French Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation plays a crucial role in developing talent and promoting the sport within the country.

#11 Norway

Lillehammer 2016 Youth Olympic Games from Norway, Monobob season is on. (21650904373), scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY 2.0

Norway, with its strong winter sports heritage, includes bobsledding as one of the key disciplines. Norwegian bobsledders benefit from the country’s cold winters and excellent training facilities.

The sport is supported by the Norwegian Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation, which focuses on nurturing young talent and maintaining Norway’s competitive presence in international events.


Which country is Bobsledding played the most?

Bobsledding is played the most in Switzerland and countries with alpine climates conducive to winter sports, such as Germany, Canada, and the United States, where the sport has a strong competitive presence.

Which country watches Bobsledding the most?

Germany watches Bobsledding the most, thanks to a robust fan base attracted to winter sports, a successful competitive history, and significant media coverage during major events like the Winter Olympics.

Where was Bobsledding originally played?

Bobsledding was originally played in Switzerland in the late 19th century. For an in-depth look at the sport’s roots, you can visit our Bobsledding history article which details its evolution from sledding traditions to an organized and competitive international sport.

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