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SEPTEMBER 29, 2023 โ€“ Max Kuch of SportsFoundation.org is thrilled to announce its acquisition of the Domain iCoachKids.eu.

This strategic move sets the stage for an enriched and unified platform dedicated to youth sports and coaching.

What is SportsFoundation?

Welcome to SportsFoundation, your one-stop destination for in-depth sports guides, tips, and reviews. Whether you’re a newbie just dipping your toes or a pro looking to hone your skills, we provide content tailored to every level.

Our commitment? Helping athletes and enthusiasts reach their peak performance, no matter the sport.

Dive deep into our various sports sections, including pickleball, weightlifting, paddle boarding, surfing, and American football.

At SportsFoundation, we celebrate every sport’s unique charm and challenges, catering to both rookies and seasoned athletes.

How does SportsFoundation help Youth Coaches

SportsFoundation.org recognizes the importance of guiding youth coaches, the cornerstone of fostering budding athletes.

As part of our commitment, we offer an expansive article series dedicated to youth coaching.

From tips and equipment lists to background information about various sports, our platform equips coaches with the knowledge they need to make a positive impact.

What to Expect in the Future on SportsFoundation

With the acquisition of the Domain iCoachKids.eu, SportsFoundation.org is poised to elevate its offerings in youth sports and coaching.

Users can anticipate a more comprehensive repository of resources, expanded coverage on youth sports, dedicated sections for young athlete development, and interactive platforms to share experiences and learning.

Max is a sports enthusiast who loves all kinds of ball and water sports. He founded & runs stand-up-paddling.org (#1 German Paddleboarding Blog), played competitive Badminton and Mini Golf (competed on national level in Germany), started learning โ€˜realโ€™ Golf and dabbled in dozens of other sports & activities.

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