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Hit the slopes with a swagger!

We’re talking snowboarding’s coolest lingo that’ll have you talking the talk as you walk the walk—or should we say, ride the ride.

From “carving” fresh “powder” to sticking a sick “stomp”, these 30 terms are your ticket to becoming a snow-speak savant.

Gear up, grab your “board”, and let’s get shreddin’!

Must-Know Snowboarding Terms, Phrases and Slang:

  1. Backcountry
  2. Bonk
  3. Buttering
  4. Carve
  5. Half-pipe
  6. Jibbing
  7. Nose
  8. Powder
  9. Rail
  10. Regular stance
  11. Ripper
  12. Shred
  13. Slopestyle
  14. Tail
  15. Freeride
  16. Goofy stance
  17. Grab
  18. Kicker
  19. Piste
  20. Stomp
  21. Switch
  22. Terrain park
  23. Vert
  24. Wax
  25. Chairlift
  26. Gondola
  27. Helmet
  28. Snow plow
  29. Face plant
  30. Snowcat

#1 Backcountry

An area off the main trails of a ski resort where snowboarders can find untouched powder and natural terrain features. Backcountry riding requires knowledge of avalanche safety and often involves hiking to reach the best spots.

#2 Bonk

A snowboarding trick where the rider intentionally hits an object, such as a tree or rail, with the board while in motion. It’s a way to show off control and creativity on the slopes.

#3 Buttering

A technique where the snowboarder presses down on either the nose or tail of the board while spinning or moving, resembling the spreading of butter. It’s a stylish way to play around on the slopes and add flair to your riding.

#4 Carve

To ride on the edge of the snowboard, cutting deep, clean arcs into the snow. Carving is fundamental for speed and control, offering a smooth ride down the slopes.

#5 Half-pipe

A U-shaped snow structure used for performing aerial tricks. Snowboarders gain momentum from one side to the other, executing moves like spins and flips while riding the half-pipe.

#6 Jibbing

The action of sliding or grinding on anything other than snow, typically on rails, boxes, or any other creative object found in the terrain park. Jibbing is about precision and balance.

#7 Nose

The front end of a snowboard, which is typically pointed or rounded to help navigate and initiate turns. The nose is crucial for control and plays a significant role in how the board handles in different snow conditions.

#8 Powder

Fresh, loose, untracked snow that is a favorite among snowboarders for its softness and ease of carving. Snowboarding in powder can feel like floating, and it allows for smooth, flowing movements.

#9 Rail

Used for grinding, a rail is a long, narrow piece of metal or other material in a snow park that snowboarders slide across. Mastering a rail requires balance and precision, often showcasing a rider’s technical skills.

#10 Regular Stance

A stance where the snowboarder has their left foot forward while riding, which indicates their natural position on the board. It is the most common riding stance among snowboarders and is opposite to the goofy stance.

#11 Ripper

A term for a highly skilled snowboarder who is adept at riding and can handle various terrain and tricks with ease. A ripper is known for their proficiency and style on the slopes.

#12 Shred

Shred is a slang term used to describe the act of snowboarding with skill and enthusiasm, often involving performing tricks and riding fast. It captures the essence of enjoying the sport and pushing personal limits.

#13 Slopestyle

A snowboarding event where riders traverse a course with various obstacles, including jumps, rails, and other features. Slopestyle challenges a rider’s versatility and ability to execute tricks with style and precision.

#14 Tail

The rear end of the snowboard, which is crucial for performing certain tricks and maneuvers. Knowing how to control and use the tail effectively can enhance a rider’s trick repertoire and stability.

#15 Freeride

A style of snowboarding focused on natural terrain, creativity, and exploration rather than structured competition. Freeride snowboarding is about carving lines through unspoiled snow and using the landscape as it comes, often in backcountry settings.

#16 Goofy Stance

A snowboarding stance where the rider’s right foot leads, opposite to the more common regular stance where the left foot leads. The choice of stance is based on what feels most natural for balance and control.

#17 Grab

A trick performed in mid-air where a snowboarder physically grabs part of their board, such as the nose or tail. Grabs can add style points and stability during jumps and tricks in freestyle snowboarding.

#18 Kicker

A man-made or natural jump built on a slope that allows snowboarders to get airborne. A kicker is often used to perform aerial tricks and is a staple feature in snowparks and halfpipes.

#19 Piste

The French term for a marked ski run or trail on a mountain that’s been prepared for snowboarders and skiers. Piste conditions can vary from icy to groomed, and they’re known for their maintained and packed snow.

#20 Stomp

To land a trick solidly and with complete control is known as a “stomp.” Stomping a trick implies a high level of skill and is especially rewarding when done after a big jump or complex maneuver.

#21 Switch

Riding with the opposite foot forward compared to one’s natural stance, essentially the equivalent of riding backward. It’s an advanced technique that can add complexity to tricks and impress onlookers and judges.

#22 Terrain Park

A specially designed area in a ski resort with various structures such as rails, jumps, and boxes for snowboarders and skiers to perform tricks. Terrain parks are playgrounds for freestyle enthusiasts looking to push their limits.

#23 Vert

Short for “vertical,” this term refers to the vertical drop or steepness of a snowboarding ramp or halfpipe. A higher vert allows for more airtime and the opportunity to perform advanced aerial tricks.

#24 Wax

Applied to the base of a snowboard to reduce friction with the snow, waxing helps ensure a smoother and faster ride down the slopes. Different types of wax may be used based on snow conditions and temperature.

#25 Chairlift

A type of aerial lift consisting of a looped cable and a series of chairs, a chairlift transports snowboarders and skiers up the mountain. It’s the quintessential ski resort experience, providing a scenic view as riders ascend.

#26 Gondola

A gondola is an enclosed cabin that hangs from a cable, designed to carry skiers and snowboarders up the mountain. It offers protection from the elements and is often used on longer or higher-altitude lifts than chairlifts.

#27 Helmet

An essential piece of safety gear for snowboarders, a helmet protects the head from injuries during falls and collisions. Helmets are designed to absorb impact and are recommended for all levels of riders.

#28 Snow Plow

A beginner snowboarding technique for controlling speed and stopping, in which the front of the board is pointed inward, forming a ‘V’ shape. Also referred to as “pizza” by instructors when teaching children.

#29 Face Plant

A fall where a snowboarder lands face-first into the snow, usually happening after a failed trick or catching an edge. It’s an amusing term but also a reminder to ride within one’s abilities.

#30 Snowcat

A heavy, tracked vehicle used to groom snow on slopes and trails or to transport people and equipment in snowy conditions. Snowcats are essential for maintaining ski and snowboard areas, ensuring the snow is evenly distributed and compacted.



What are some snowboarding terms for beginners?

“Carve,” “Powder,” and “Half-pipe” are some snowboarding terms beginners should start with. These basics cover important techniques and the types of terrain they’ll encounter.

What are some funny snowboarding terms?

“Bonk,” “Face plant,” and “Buttering” are some funny snowboarding terms. They add levity to falls, playful tricks, and snowboarding styles, infusing humor into the sport’s culture.

What is a famous snowboarding phrase?

“Shred the gnar,” is a famous snowboarding phrase, encapsulating the excitement and thrill of skillfully navigating challenging terrain, becoming synonymous with the snowboarding lifestyle.

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