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Welcome to the electrifying Running Quiz!

Are you prepared to race through a series of questions and demonstrate your true runner’s spirit?

We’ve designed an array of thrilling challenges to test your running knowledge to the max.

Just keep track of your correct answers, and sprint over to our result table to check your performance.

So, lace up those running shoes, focus your mind, and let’s see if you can dash across the finish line with your exceptional running trivia prowess!

Table of Contents

1. What is the standard distance of a marathon race?

  • A) 36.195 km
  • B) 42.195 km
  • C) 31.069 km

2. What is the world record time for men’s 100 meters race?

  • A) 9.58 seconds
  • B) 9.63 seconds
  • C) 9.68 seconds

3. Who is the first man to complete a marathon under 2 hours?

  • A) Eliud Kipchoge
  • B) Kenenisa Bekele
  • C) Haile Gebrselassie

4. In which ancient Olympics did the marathon race originate?

  • A) 1896 Athens
  • B) 776 BC Greece
  • C) 1904 St. Louis

5. Which country holds the most Olympic gold medals in men’s 100 meters race?

  • A) USA
  • B) Jamaica
  • C) Great Britain

6. What are the middle-distance running events in track and field?

  • A) 800 m and 1500 m
  • B) 5000 m and 10000 m
  • C) 3000 m and 5000 m

7. What is the term for running off-road, typically in mountainous terrain?

  • A) Trail running
  • B) Cross-country running
  • C) Fell running

8. What type of running shoes are designed for overpronators?

  • A) Neutral shoes
  • B) Stability shoes
  • C) Cushioned shoes

9. Who is considered the “father of modern distance running and training”?

  • A) Arthur Lydiard
  • B) Jack Daniels
  • C) Bill Bowerman

10. In which country is the famous “Comrades Marathon” held?

  • A) South Africa
  • B) Australia
  • C) United States

11. How many laps around a standard 400-meter track are required to complete a 5,000-meter race?

  • A) 10
  • B) 12.5
  • C) 20

12. What is the “runner’s high” phenomenon?

  • A) A sense of euphoria during long runs
  • B) The adrenaline rush experienced during a race
  • C) Crossing the finish line in first place

13. What are the two most common types of track surfaces for outdoor tracks?

  • A) Asphalt and concrete
  • B) Synthetic and clay
  • C) Gravel and crushed limestone

14. What type of workout is described as alternating periods of intense exercise with periods of lighter activity or rest?

  • A) Fartlek training
  • B) Interval training
  • C) Progressive overload

15. Who are the current world record holders in the men’s and women’s 100 meters sprint?

  • A) Usain Bolt and Florence Griffith-Joyner
  • B) Asafa Powell and Carmelita Jeter
  • C) Tyson Gay and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce

16. What is the primary goal of a “taper” period in a marathon training plan?

  • A) To increase mileage
  • B) To allow your body to recover
  • C) To improve your sprinting speed

17. What is the recommended distance between your longest training run and the marathon race?

  • A) One week
  • B) Two weeks
  • C) Three weeks

18. What essential nutrient helps to provide the primary source of energy during endurance running?

  • A) Carbohydrates
  • B) Proteins
  • C) Fats

19. What is the correct term for rapid, short, and forceful contractions of the calf muscles while running?

  • A) Stride length
  • B) Cadence
  • C) Plyometrics

20. Which famous long-distance runner has won the New York Marathon nine times?

  • A) Grete Waitz
  • B) Paula Radcliffe
  • C) Mary Keitany

21. Which of these muscle groups is most prone to injury during running?

  • A) Neck and shoulder muscles
  • B) Hamstrings and quadriceps
  • C) Biceps and triceps

22. In which country is the highest altitude marathon, the Everest Marathon, held?

  • A) Nepal
  • B) India
  • C) China

23. How long does it typically take for the human body to hit “the wall” during a marathon, due to glycogen depletion?

  • A) 1-2 hours
  • B) 2-3 hours
  • C) 3-4 hours

24. What term is used for a competitive race where participants are timed over a set distance?

  • A) Beat the clock
  • B) All comers meet
  • C) Time trial

25. What is a common cause of dehydration during endurance running?

  • A) Consuming too much water
  • B) Excessive sweating
  • C) Drinking insufficient electrolytes

26. What is the role of the pacer during a running event?

  • A) Setting the pace for the front runners
  • B) Leading the race in a vehicle
  • C) Timing the runners at set intervals

27. What is the correct term for a long distance race run on natural surfaces?

  • A) Trail run
  • B) Urban race
  • C) Street race

28. Who was the founder of the modern Olympic Games?

  • A) Pierre de Coubertin
  • B) Avery Brundage
  • C) Juan Antonio Samaranch

29. In which year was the women’s marathon introduced as a competitive Olympic event?

  • A) 1960
  • B) 1976
  • C) 1984

30. How many legs are there in a standard 4×100 meters relay race?

  • A) 3
  • B) 4
  • C) 5

31. Which running event combines three different disciplines, typically swimming, cycling, and running?

  • A) Ultramarathon
  • B) Triathlon
  • C) Pentathlon

32. Which type of stretching is recommended to do before a run to help prevent injuries?

  • A) Static stretching
  • B) Dynamic stretching
  • C) Ballistic stretching

33. In a racewalking competition, what is the rule that distinguishes racewalking from running?

  • A) At least one foot must be in contact with the ground at all times
  • B) Holding one elbow bent at a 90-degree angle at all times
  • C) Swinging arms in a synchronized motion with the legs


# of Correct Answers Percentage Range Label Description
0- 0-49% Armchair Athlete You've got some learning to do, but don't worry, there's always the next game!
- 50-64% Rookie Runner Not bad! Keep practicing, and you'll be a sports trivia champ in no time.
- 65-79% Midfield Maestro Impressive! You're getting closer to the top, keep up the good work.
- 80-94% All-Star Striker Wow, you really know your sports trivia! You're a force to be reckoned with.
-33 95-100% Legendary Champion Unbelievable! You're a true sports trivia master. Your knowledge knows no bounds!

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