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Welcome to the incredible Baseball Quiz!

Are you prepared to step up to the plate and show off your baseball know-how?

We’ve curated a lineup of tough questions that will challenge even the most avid baseball enthusiasts.

Keep track of your home runs and check our scoreboard at the end to see how you fared.

So, grab your glove, warm up your pitching arm, and let’s find out if you can hit a grand slam with your baseball trivia prowess!

Table of Contents

1. Who holds the record for the most home runs in a single MLB season?

  • A) Babe Ruth
  • B) Hank Aaron
  • C) Barry Bonds

2. What is the nickname of the MLB team from Boston?

  • A) Red Sox
  • B) White Sox
  • C) Blue Jays

3. Who broke Babe Ruth’s career home run record in 1974?

  • A) Willie Mays
  • B) Mickey Mantle
  • C) Hank Aaron

4. Which MLB team has the most World Series titles?

  • A) New York Yankees
  • B) St. Louis Cardinals
  • C) Boston Red Sox

5. Which pitcher holds the record for the most career strikeouts in MLB history?

  • A) Randy Johnson
  • B) Nolan Ryan
  • C) Roger Clemens

6. What is the base-to-base distance in feet on a regulation baseball diamond?

  • A) 60
  • B) 90
  • C) 120

7. What MLB team won the World Series in 2016, ending a 108-year championship drought?

  • A) Chicago Cubs
  • B) Cleveland Indians
  • C) Kansas City Royals

8. Who is the only player in MLB history to hit a grand slam in their first-ever at-bat?

  • A) Kevin Kouzmanoff
  • B) Bill Duggleby
  • C) Jeremy Hermida

9. What year did Jackie Robinson break the MLB color barrier with the Brooklyn Dodgers?

  • A) 1945
  • B) 1947
  • C) 1951

10. What pitcher holds the record for the most complete games in an MLB career?

  • A) Cy Young
  • B) Walter Johnson
  • C) Grover Cleveland Alexander

11. Which MLB team’s mascot is the Phillie Phanatic?

  • A) New York Mets
  • B) Philadelphia Phillies
  • C) Atlanta Braves

12. What is the most recent expansion team to join the MLB?

  • A) Arizona Diamondbacks
  • B) Tampa Bay Rays
  • C) Miami Marlins

13. Who was the first MLB player to have his number retired by a team?

  • A) Lou Gehrig
  • B) Jackie Robinson
  • C) Babe Ruth

14. How many balls are in a regulation game of baseball?

  • A) 9
  • B) 12
  • C) 108

15. Which team went the entire 2004 regular season without being shutout?

  • A) New York Yankees
  • B) St. Louis Cardinals
  • C) Texas Rangers

16. Who holds the record for the most stolen bases in a single season?

  • A) Rickey Henderson
  • B) Lou Brock
  • C) Vince Coleman

17. Which MLB team plays in a stadium nicknamed “The Friendly Confines”?

  • A) Chicago Cubs
  • B) Boston Red Sox
  • C) San Francisco Giants

18. Who holds the record for the most consecutive games played in MLB history?

  • A) Cal Ripken Jr.
  • B) Lou Gehrig
  • C) Joe DiMaggio

19. Which team was originally known as the Seattle Pilots before relocating and changing their name?

  • A) Milwaukee Brewers
  • B) Kansas City Royals
  • C) Houston Astros

20. In which year did the designated hitter rule begin in MLB?

  • A) 1961
  • B) 1973
  • C) 1980

21. The famous “Shot Heard ‘Round the World” was a game-winning home run by which player?

  • A) Bobby Thomson
  • B) Mickey Mantle
  • C) Joe DiMaggio

22. What is the term used to describe a situation when a batter hits a home run with the bases loaded?

  • A) Grand Slam
  • B) Triple-Double
  • C) Power Play

23. Which MLB team plays their home games in a stadium known as โ€œThe House That Ruth Builtโ€?

  • A) New York Yankees
  • B) Boston Red Sox
  • C) San Francisco Giants

24. Who was the first MLB player to hit 600 home runs?

  • A) Babe Ruth
  • B) Willie Mays
  • C) Hank Aaron

25. Which MLB team changed its name from the Devil Rays to the Rays in 2008?

  • A) Arizona Diamondbacks
  • B) Tampa Bay Rays
  • C) Miami Marlins

26. Which player holds the record for the most career hits in MLB history?

  • A) Pete Rose
  • B) Ty Cobb
  • C) Hank Aaron

27. What pitcher threw a perfect game during the 1956 World Series?

  • A) Don Larsen
  • B) Sandy Koufax
  • C) Bob Gibson

28. In 1995, what MLB team replaced the strike-shortened 1994 World Series champion Montreal Expos in the playoffs?

  • A) Colorado Rockies
  • B) Seattle Mariners
  • C) New York Yankees

29. How many ways can a batter reach first base without getting a hit?

  • A) 4
  • B) 7
  • C) 10

30. What phrase was popularized by Ernie Harwell to describe a foul ball caught by a spectator?

  • A) Caught on the Fly
  • B) A Gift from Above
  • C) Souvenir City

31. How many MLB teams are there as of the 2021 season?

  • A) 28
  • B) 30
  • C) 32

32. Which MLB team’s mascot is Mr. Met?

  • A) New York Yankees
  • B) New York Mets
  • C) Los Angeles Dodgers

33. Which MLB player is known for the “Catch” in the 1954 World Series?

  • A) Joe DiMaggio
  • B) Mickey Mantle
  • C) Willie Mays


# of Correct Answers Percentage Range Label Description
0- 0-49% Armchair Athlete You've got some learning to do, but don't worry, there's always the next game!
- 50-64% Rookie Runner Not bad! Keep practicing, and you'll be a sports trivia champ in no time.
- 65-79% Midfield Maestro Impressive! You're getting closer to the top, keep up the good work.
- 80-94% All-Star Striker Wow, you really know your sports trivia! You're a force to be reckoned with.
-33 95-100% Legendary Champion Unbelievable! You're a true sports trivia master. Your knowledge knows no bounds!

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