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Swing batter, swing! Ready to find out where the crack of the bat and cheers echo the loudest?

From iconic stadiums in America to enthusiastic chants in Japan, let’s hit a home run around the world.

Discover the countries where baseball isn’t just a game, but a way of life!

Countries where baseball is most popular:

  1. United States
  2. Japan
  3. Dominican Republic
  4. Cuba
  5. South Korea
  6. Venezuela
  7. Mexico
  8. Canada
  9. Puerto Rico
  10. Taiwan
  11. Panama

#1 United States

Keith Allison from Hanover, MD, USA, Andrew McCutchen at-bat 2017 (34985040992), scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY-SA 2.0

Baseball, known as America’s pastime, holds a special place in U.S. sports culture, with Major League Baseball (MLB) being the oldest of the major professional sports leagues.

The sport is woven into the fabric of American life, from youth leagues to the World Series, reflecting the deep connection between baseball and the American spirit of competition and leisure.

#2 Japan

I, DX BroadrecHigh school baseball in Yokohama Stadium Japan 2007-1, scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY-SA 3.0

Japan’s passionate relationship with baseball, or “yakyū,” is evident in the popularity of Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB).

High school baseball tournaments also draw massive crowds, showcasing the sport’s deep roots in Japanese society. Baseball is more than a pastime in Japan; it’s an integral part of the nation’s culture and community life.

#3 Dominican Republic

Calt2001Estadio quisqueya santo domingo dominican republic 1, scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC0 1.0

In the Dominican Republic, baseball is a national obsession and a source of immense pride.

The sport offers a path to success for many youths, and the country has produced a remarkable number of MLB players. Baseball fields are ubiquitous, serving as both training grounds for aspiring athletes and centers of community activity.

#4 Cuba

Ramon.rovirosaCamagüey Cuba Baseball Stadium 2012, scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY-SA 3.0

Baseball in Cuba is more than a sport; it’s a national symbol of excellence and determination.

Despite political and economic challenges, Cuba has fostered outstanding talent, visible in international competitions and defectors becoming MLB stars. For Cubans, baseball epitomizes both the strength and passion of their national identity.

#5 South Korea

Trainholic2018 KBO Play-Off 5th Game 3, scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY-SA 3.0

Baseball in South Korea is not just a sport but a national pastime, with professional games drawing large, enthusiastic crowds.

The success of the national team in international competitions, like the World Baseball Classic, has further ingrained its popularity. Korean baseball is celebrated for its high-energy games and fan-participative culture, making it a central aspect of South Korea’s sports landscape.

#6 Venezuela

Chi-Hung Lin on Flickr (Original version)
UCinternational (Crop), Venezuela national baseball team on November 7, 2015, scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY-SA 2.0

Venezuela’s passion for baseball runs deep, with the sport considered a key part of the country’s cultural fabric.

It is a source of national pride, producing numerous major league stars who are revered both locally and internationally. Extensive youth programs and a competitive professional league foster a strong baseball community and continuous talent development.

#7 Mexico

Pzurita at English WikipediaEstadio de beisbol en Monterrey, scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY-SA 3.0

Baseball in Mexico is not only a beloved pastime but also an important part of the cultural fabric. The Liga Mexicana de Beisbol (LMB) is famed for its passionate fans and vibrant atmosphere at games.

The Mexican Pacific League offers an extended season of play, reflecting the sport’s perpetual popularity. Many Mexican players have also achieved fame in Major League Baseball (MLB), further solidifying baseball’s significance in the country.

#8 Canada

Oaktree b at English WikipediaProud Canadian fans – Canada vs Italy – 2009 World Baseball Classic in Toronto, scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY-SA 3.0

While ice hockey may be Canada’s most celebrated sport, baseball has a dedicated following with the Toronto Blue Jays being the country’s sole Major League Baseball (MLB) team.

Rich in history, Canada’s baseball roots date back to the 19th century, with the Jays’ 1992 and 1993 World Series wins galvanizing the sport’s prominence. The country continues to produce MLB talent, highlighting baseball’s substantial imprint on the Canadian sports scene.

#9 Puerto Rico

Stephen V. RussellJavy López, scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY-SA 4.0

Baseball holds a special place in Puerto Rican culture, with a strong domestic league and a history of producing MLB stars like Roberto Clemente and Ivan Rodriguez.

The sport’s popularity is reflected in the passionate support of the local Professional Baseball League and the consistent production of top-tier talent. Baseball also serves as an essential outlet and unifying force for the island’s communities.

#10 Taiwan

Simon Liu / Office of the President, Republic of China (Taiwan) (中華民國總統府), The World Baseball Classic continues Wednesday with a Pool A matchup between host Chinese Taipei and Panama at Taichung Stadium in Taiwan. 2023-03-08, scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY 2.0

Baseball is Taiwan’s most popular sport, rooted deeply since its introduction during Japanese rule.

The island excels in international baseball competitions, significantly boosting its national status. Taiwan’s professional league and substantial local support for school-level and amateur baseball cultivate a fervent fan base and consistent talent pipeline.

#11 Panama

Jose Gonzalez, Rodcarew, scaling by sportsfoundation.org, CC BY 3.0

In Panama, baseball is the foremost popular sport, with a rich history that dates back to the early 20th century.

The country has produced several Major League Baseball players, enhancing the sport’s appeal and providing young athletes with role models. Baseball plays a pivotal role in community cohesion, with national and regional leagues promoting widespread participation.


Which country is Baseball played the most?

Baseball is played the most in the United States, where it is considered the national pastime, with a significant following in Japan, the Dominican Republic, and Cuba as well.

Which country watches Baseball the most?

The United States watches Baseball the most, with Major League Baseball (MLB) having the highest attendance and television viewership compared to other countries.

Where was Baseball originally played?

Baseball was originally played in England, but it evolved into its modern form in the United States. For more on the sport’s evolution, here’s a link to our Baseball history article.

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