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Skydiving was invented by André-Jacques Garnerin in 1797.

He is commonly known as the “Father of Skydiving.”

Garnerin’s pioneering achievements laid the foundation for modern-day parachuting and skydiving.

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Skydiving Invention Timeline

  • 1797: André-Jacques Garnerin makes first recorded parachute jump.
  • 1911: Grant Morton performs first airplane parachute jump.
  • 1914: Charles Broadwick introduces quick-release harness.
  • 1930s: Military parachute regiments established globally.
  • 1937: Mikhail Gushchin sets 101-jump world record.
  • 1951: First sport parachuting schools open in France.
  • 1956: Parachute Club of America founded; later becomes USPA.
  • 1970s: Freeflying and relative work disciplines emerge.
  • 1984: Tandem skydiving introduced, increasing accessibility.
  • 1990s-2000s: Wingsuit flying and swooping gain popularity.

Facts known about Skydiving Invention

  1. Garnerin’s Pioneering Jump: André-Jacques Garnerin’s 1797 parachute jump marked the beginning of skydiving innovations.
  2. Airplane Jumps: Grant Morton’s 1911 airplane parachute jump significantly advanced the sport.
  3. Quick-Release Harness: Charles Broadwick’s 1914 release harness improved safety and contributed to skydiving’s development.
  4. Military Influence: Parachute regiments in the 1930s boosted skydiving’s popularity and global recognition.
  5. Sport Parachuting: The 1950s saw sport parachuting schools open and the establishment of the Parachute Club of America.


Who invented Skydiving?

André-Jacques Garnerin is credited as the inventor of skydiving. He performed the first successful recorded parachute jump in 1797.

When was Skydiving invented?

Skydiving was invented in the late 18th century. The first recorded parachute jump took place in 1797.

Where did Skydiving originate?

Skydiving originated in France, with André-Jacques Garnerin’s parachute jump in Paris in 1797.

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