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Billiards was invented by the aristocracy in 15th century Europe.

Often viewed as a game of skill and strategy, billiards has evolved over centuries into various popular forms.

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Billiards Invention Timeline

  • 15th Century: Originated from lawn games in Europe, played on wooden tables with hoops.
  • 17th Century: Introduction of cue sticks and promotion by Queen Catherine de’ Medici.
  • 18th Century: Franรงois Mingaud invents leather cue tips, enhancing ball control.
  • Early 19th Century: Billiards spreads to America; Michael Phelan develops modern game rules.
  • Late 19th Century: Invention of snooker, formation of International Billiards Association in London.
  • Early 20th Century: Iconic players like Willie Hoppe and Ralph Greenleaf dominate the scene.
  • Mid 20th Century: Willie Mosconiโ€™s 526 consecutive balls(world record) and Minnesota Fats’ popularity.
  • Late 20th Century: Advances in table materials and cue technologies improve the game.
  • Early 21st Century: Global success with major international competitions and famous players.

Facts known about Billiards Invention

  1. Lawn Game Origins: Billiards emerged from outdoor lawn games like croquet in 15th century Europe.
  2. Widespread Popularity: Billiards quickly gained favor among European royalty before spreading to America and beyond.
  3. Variety of Games: Multiple billiards games have developed through the centuries, including snooker and pool.
  4. Key Innovations: Leather cue tips (by Franรงois Mingaud) and modern cue sticks greatly improved game play.
  5. Globalization: International competitions and renowned players have expanded billiards into a globally-loved sport.


Who invented Billiards?

Billiards does not have a single known inventor. It evolved from outdoor stick-and-ball lawn games that were popular in the 15th century in Northern Europe.

When was Billiards invented?

The game of Billiards evolved from lawn games in the 15th century and the version close to today’s pool was established by the late 19th century.

Where did Billiards originate?

Billiards originated in Europe, particularly in France and England, evolving from outdoor games into an indoor tabletop game in the 15th century.

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