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Archery was invented by ancient civilizations across the world.

The practice has been used for hunting, warfare, and recreation throughout history.

Trace the evolution of this fascinating sport in our comprehensive Archery History article!

Archery Invention Timeline

  • 20,000 BCE – 6,000 BCE: Early humans develop bows and arrows for hunting and warfare.
  • 3,000 BCE – 1,000 BCE: Ancient Egypt, China, and Mesopotamia adopt archery as a crucial skill.
  • 1100s – 1500s: European warfare sees the rise of the English longbow and Japan’s spiritual Kyudo practice.
  • 1600s – 1700s: Archery transitions into a popular sport and recreational activity in Europe.
  • 1800s: Archery clubs and competitions establish the sport’s growing global popularity.
  • 1900 – 1939: Olympic Games introduce archery and the International Archery Federation is formed.
  • 1972 – Present: Archery returns to Olympics, modern advancements in equipment enhance the sport.

Facts known about Archery Invention

  1. Ancient Origins: Archery was developed by early humans across the world for hunting and warfare purposes.
  2. Crucial Skill: Various ancient civilizations, including Egypt, China, and Mesopotamia, considered archery a fundamental skill.
  3. Martial and Spiritual Practices: Archery played significant roles in European warfare (English longbow) and Japanese spirituality (Kyudo).
  4. Recreational Evolvement: Archery’s importance shifted from warfare to sport and recreation in Europe during the 17th century.
  5. Olympic Inclusion: Archery has garnered global attention due to its inclusion in the Olympic Games.


Who invented Archery?

Archery has no single inventor as it was developed independently by different ancient civilizations for survival and war.

When was Archery invented?

Archery originated during the late Palaeolithic or early Mesolithic periods, around 10,000-9000 BC.

Where did Archery originate?

Archery is believed to have originated in Africa, but was independently developed by other civilizations around the world.

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