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Whizz through the court and smash the ball!

Let’s gear up to zip through spaces where racquetball reigns supreme and discover which nations are bouncing at the top of their game!

Ready to rally around the globe?

Grab your racquet and let’s go!

Countries where racquetball is most popular:

  1. United States
  2. Mexico
  3. Canada
  4. Bolivia
  5. Colombia
  6. Japan
  7. South Korea
  8. Ireland
  9. Venezuela
  10. Chile
  11. Ecuador

#1 United States

Evan Pritchard,Β Rhonda Rajsich at 2006 World Racquetball Championships, scaling by sportsfoundation.org,Β CC BY-SA 3.0

Racquetball’s popularity in the United States stems from its creation in the mid-20th century as an indoor alternative to tennis and handball.

As the birthplace of the sport, US players have historically dominated international competitions, and the country hosts a multitude of local and national tournaments. Its accessibility in gyms and community centers across the nation helps maintain its prominence.

#2 Mexico

Evan Pritchard,Β Mixed Doubles finalists at 2022 World Championships, scaling by sportsfoundation.org,Β CC BY-SA 4.0

Racquetball thrives in Mexico, where the climate and culture foster an avid interest in sports.

Mexico has produced world-class athletes who have garnered international titles, elevating the country’s status in the racquetball community. The sport benefits from well-developed training programs and facilities, making it a popular choice for both competitive and casual play.

#3 Canada

Trb333,Β Kane Waselenchuk at 2014 US Open Racquetball Championships, scaling by sportsfoundation.org,Β CC BY-SA 3.0

In Canada, racquetball enjoys a robust following due to its inclusivity and year-round playability, providing a perfect sporting activity during long winters.

The country has developed strong provincial organizations that promote the sport and has hosted numerous high-level competitions, including World Championships, thus reinforcing its affinity for racquetball.

#4 Bolivia

Racquetball’s exceptional popularity in Bolivia can be attributed to the nation’s impressive performance on the global stage, with Bolivian athletes regularly excelling in international tournaments.

The sport is integrated into the physical education curriculum in many schools, ensuring a steady stream of talent and interest from the youth population.

#5 Colombia

Racquetball in Colombia has flourished, supported by a strong national team and a passionate community.

The sport gained prominence thanks to international successes, particularly in Pan American championships, inspiring a growing number of enthusiasts. With numerous facilities and clubs, racquetball has become a popular sport for Colombians seeking dynamic and competitive physical activity.

#6 Japan

In Japan, racquetball is a growing sport, appealing to those looking for an indoor, fast-paced activity that combines fitness with strategy.

The sport’s growth is facilitated by the establishment of specialized facilities and the formation of local leagues. Japan’s emphasis on precision and technical sports aligns well with racquetball, fostering its development and participation across all age groups.

#7 South Korea

Racquetball in South Korea is gaining momentum as part of the broader expansion of racquet sports in the country.

With its quick gameplay and strategic depth, racquetball appeals to South Korea’s fast-paced, competitive culture. The sport is increasingly featured in community centers and sports clubs, providing opportunities for both casual play and competitive training.

#8 Ireland

Racquetball has found a niche community in Ireland, where the sport enjoys popularity among a dedicated base of enthusiasts.

Though overshadowed by traditional Irish sports like Gaelic games and soccer, racquetball benefits from well-organized clubs and competitions throughout the country. Irish players often partake in European and World Championships, showcasing the nation’s competitive spirit in the sport.

#9 Venezuela

Venezuela has a passionate but relatively small racquetball community that has shown remarkable resilience and talent.

Despite economic challenges and limited resources, the sport has maintained a presence, thanks in part to committed players and the occasional emergence of internationally competitive athletes. Their participation in regional and international tournaments helps maintain racquetball’s visibility in the country.

#10 Chile

Chile’s racquetball scene is characterized by a strong, albeit not widespread, community of players and fans. With regular national tournaments and active clubs, particularly in urban centers, the sport maintains a consistent presence.

Chilean athletes have made their mark, contributing to the growth of racquetball on the South American continent through participation in international competitions.

#11 Ecuador

In Ecuador, racquetball benefits from a growing community that has embraced the sport within its athletic profile.

Although not as mainstream as soccer, the enthusiasm for racquetball is seen in the establishment of dedicated clubs and venues for players to train and compete. Ecuadorian athletes are becoming increasingly competitive, participating in international events that underscore the sport’s development.


Which country is Racquetball played the most in?

Racquetball is played the most in the United States, where it remains a popular sport with a dedicated following and numerous facilities dedicated to play across the nation.

Which country watches Racquetball the most?

The United States watches Racquetball the most, as it holds a significant number of fans who follow professional leagues and enjoy watching college and club level matches.

Where was Racquetball originally played?

Racquetball was originally played in the United States. For more insights, here’s a link to our Racquetball history article. The sport was created by Joe Sobek in 1950 in Connecticut, blending elements of squash, handball, and paddleball.

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