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Welcome to the ultimate Tennis Quiz!

Are you prepared to challenge your knowledge of this electrifying sport and prove that you’re a true tennis enthusiast?

We’ve crafted intriguing questions designed to test your tennis proficiency to the limit.

Simply count your correct answers and check our result table to evaluate your performance.

So, grab your racket, put on your tennis whites, and let’s discover if you can serve an ace with your tennis trivia prowess!

Table of Contents

1. In which century was modern tennis popularized?

  • A) 18th Century
  • B) 19th Century
  • C) 20th Century

2. What is the term for a zero score in a tennis match?

  • A) Love
  • B) Nil
  • C) Zero

3. How many Grand Slam tournaments are there in a year?

  • A) 3
  • B) 4
  • C) 5

4. Which player holds the record for the most men’s singles Grand Slam titles?

  • A) Roger Federer
  • B) Rafael Nadal
  • C) Novak Djokovic

5. In which country is the Australian Open held?

  • A) New Zealand
  • B) Australia
  • C) United States

6. What is the maximum number of sets in a men’s Grand Slam singles match?

  • A) 3
  • B) 5
  • C) 7

7. Which player holds the record for the fastest women’s serve?

  • A) Serena Williams
  • B) Venus Williams
  • C) Maria Sharapova

8. Which surface is used for the French Open?

  • A) Grass
  • B) Clay
  • C) Hardcourt

9. Who won the Wimbledon men’s singles title in 2021?

  • A) Roger Federer
  • B) Novak Djokovic
  • C) Matteo Berrettini

10. Which player has the most overall titles in tennis history (including singles, doubles, and mixed doubles)?

  • A) Martina Navratilova
  • B) Serena Williams
  • C) Billie Jean King

11. Which country hosts the US Open?

  • A) Canada
  • B) United States
  • C) United Kingdom

12. Who is the youngest male player to win a Grand Slam singles title?

  • A) Bjorn Borg
  • B) Michael Chang
  • C) Boris Becker

13. What is the term for winning a point immediately after a serve?

  • A) Serve and volley
  • B) Ace
  • C) Smash

14. Which player has the most women’s singles Grand Slam titles in the Open Era?

  • A) Steffi Graf
  • B) Serena Williams
  • C) Margaret Court

15. What is the term for a player winning all four Grand Slam titles in the same calendar year?

  • A) Golden Slam
  • B) Grand Slam
  • C) Calendar Slam

16. Which tennis player is known as the “King of Clay”?

  • A) Roger Federer
  • B) Rafael Nadal
  • C) Novak Djokovic

17. In which city is Wimbledon held?

  • A) New York
  • B) Melbourne
  • C) London

18. Who won the Wimbledon women’s singles title in 2021?

  • A) Ashleigh Barty
  • B) Karolina Pliskova
  • C) Simona Halep

19. How many points does a player win if they score a break point?

  • A) 1
  • B) 10
  • C) 15

20. Which tennis player holds the record for the longest winning streak in the Open Era?

  • A) Martina Navratilova
  • B) Rafael Nadal
  • C) Steffi Graf

21. What is the official name of the third Grand Slam of the year?

  • A) Wimbledon
  • B) US Open
  • C) French Open

22. What is the name of the round before the quarterfinals?

  • A) Round of 16
  • B) Round of 32
  • C) Round of 8

23. Which country did tennis player Andy Murray represent?

  • A) United States
  • B) United Kingdom
  • C) Australia

24. Which Swiss player won a gold medal in men’s singles at the 2012 Olympic Games?

  • A) Roger Federer
  • B) Stan Wawrinka
  • C) Andy Roddick

25. Which tennis player is known for her iconic grunt on the court?

  • A) Martina Hingis
  • B) Monica Seles
  • C) Maria Sharapova

26. What term is used to describe a match where the winner has not lost a single game?

  • A) Golden Set
  • B) Perfect Match
  • C) Love Victory

27. How many points is a game won by in a standard tennis match?

  • A) 2
  • B) 4
  • C) 6

28. In which year did professional tennis players become eligible to compete in the Olympic Games?

  • A) 1984
  • B) 1988
  • C) 1992

29. Who is the only male player in the Open Era to have won all nine ATP Tour Masters 1000 titles?

  • A) Roger Federer
  • B) Rafael Nadal
  • C) Novak Djokovic

30. Who is the oldest male Grand Slam champion in the Open Era?

  • A) Roger Federer
  • B) Ken Rosewall
  • C) Andre Agassi

31. Which player has won the most overall men’s doubles titles in Grand Slam tournaments?

  • A) Todd Woodbridge
  • B) Mike Bryan
  • C) John McEnroe

32. Which female tennis player completed a career Golden Slam by winning all four Grand Slams and an Olympic Gold Medal in the Singles category?

  • A) Steffi Graf
  • B) Serena Williams
  • C) Venus Williams

33. Which country has won the most Davis Cup titles?

  • A) United States
  • B) Australia
  • C) France


# of Correct Answers Percentage Range Label Description
0- 0-49% Armchair Athlete You've got some learning to do, but don't worry, there's always the next game!
- 50-64% Rookie Runner Not bad! Keep practicing, and you'll be a sports trivia champ in no time.
- 65-79% Midfield Maestro Impressive! You're getting closer to the top, keep up the good work.
- 80-94% All-Star Striker Wow, you really know your sports trivia! You're a force to be reckoned with.
-33 95-100% Legendary Champion Unbelievable! You're a true sports trivia master. Your knowledge knows no bounds!

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