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Greetings, desert sports adventurers!

Are you prepared to embrace the heat and conquer the sands?

Embark on our desert sports list, sorted by popularity.

From experienced thrill-seekers to daring beginners, there’s an exhilarating activity here for everyone!

Desert Sports List

  1. Sandboarding
  2. Dune Bashing
  3. Desert Ultramarathons
  4. Camel Racing
  5. ATV Riding
  6. Desert Rally Racing
  7. Sand Kiting
  8. Dune Surfing
  9. Rock Climbing
  10. Desert Trekking

#1 Sandboarding


Sandboarding, a sport similar to snowboarding, traces its roots to ancient Egypt, where people would ride wooden planks down dunes.

It has gained worldwide popularity, with hotspots including the Atacama Desert in Chile, the Namib Desert in Africa, and the sand dunes of Australia.

The annual Sand Master Jam in the United States and International Sandboarding Championships in Europe are well-known events in the sport. Sandboarding is not featured in the Olympic Games.

#2 Dune Bashing

Dune Bashing

Dune bashing, an exhilarating off-roading activity, involves driving 4×4 vehicles at varying speeds across sand dunes.

Originating in the Arabian Peninsula, it is primarily practiced in desert terrains such as the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. The annual Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge is a prominent event for dune bashing enthusiasts. This sport is not currently part of the Olympic Games.

#3 Desert Ultramarathons

Desert Ultramarathons

Desert ultramarathons involve long-distance running across extreme desert conditions. The most famous of these races is the Marathon des Sables, which began in 1986. The race takes place annually in the Moroccan Sahara.

The Badwater 135, held in Death Valley, California, is another prominent desert ultramarathon. Ultramarathons are not part of the Olympic program.

#4 Camel Racing

Camel Racing

Camel racing, a traditional sport in desert regions, dates back centuries. Most popular in the Middle East, Australia, and parts of Northern Africa, camel racing events draw large crowds.

The Al Marmoom Camel Racetrack in Dubai and the annual Camel Cup in Alice Springs, Australia, are two notable events. Camel racing has not been included in the Olympic Games.

#5 ATV Riding

ATV Riding

All-terrain vehicle (ATV) riding, an off-road motorsport, originated in the United States in the 1960s. It is now popular around the world, including desert locations like Nevada, Dubai, and North Africa.

The Dakar Rally, an annual off-road motorsport race event, includes ATVs as one of its categories. Currently, ATV riding is not part of the Olympic program.

#6 Desert Rally Racing

Desert Rally Racing

Desert rally racing, a form of off-road motorsport, has its origins in the early 20th century with the inception of the Monte Carlo Rally. Desert rally racing gained prominence in the 1970s with the launch of the Dakar Rally.

The sport is popular in African and Middle Eastern regions, such as Tunisia, Morocco, and Oman. Rally racing is not included in the Olympic Games.

#7 Sand Kiting

Sand kiting, an adventure sport combining aspects of kitesurfing and sandboarding, emerged in the late 20th century. Participants ride a sandboard while attached to a large kite, using the wind to propel themselves across dunes.

Sand kiting is popular in desert areas, primarily in the United States, South Africa, and Australia. There are no prominent sand kiting tournaments, and it is not part of the Olympic program.

#8 Dune Surfing

Dune surfing, a niche sport blending surfing and sandboarding techniques, is fairly new and still gaining popularity. Participants ride specially designed boards down sand dunes.

Its popularity is increasing in regions such as the United States, South Africa, and Australia. Currently, there are no official dune surfing tournaments, and it is not part of the Olympic Games.

#9 Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing, both an indoor and outdoor sport, traces its origins to the late 19th century. Desert rock climbing is popular in arid regions with suitable rock formations, such as Joshua Tree National Park in California, Wadi Rum in Jordan, and Red Rock Canyon in Nevada.

The International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) organizes events for competitive rock climbers. Rock climbing made its Olympic debut in the 2020 Tokyo Games.

#10 Desert Trekking

Desert Trekking

Desert trekking, which often includes hiking, camping, and exploring unique landscapes, has been practiced for thousands of years. Famous desert trekking destinations include the Sahara

Desert in Africa, the Gobi Desert in Asia, and the Sonoran Desert in North America.

While not a competitive sport, desert trekking is a popular adventure activity, often with guided tours and multi-day excursions available. It is not part of the Olympic program.

More Desert Sports

  1. Desert Mountain Biking: This off-road cycling sport started in the 1970s in California but has since gained worldwide popularity. Desert mountain biking takes place in arid regions like Moab, Utah, the Negev Desert in Israel, and the Atacama Desert in Chile. Prominent events include the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo race and the Cape Epic. Mountain biking became an Olympic sport in the 1996 Atlanta Games.
  2. Sand Soccer: Sand soccer, or beach soccer, originated in Brazil in the 1950s but has gained popularity in desert regions where traditional soccer fields are rare. The sport is played on sandy surfaces, making it adaptable to desert areas. Notable events include the Beach Soccer World Cup and the European Beach Soccer League. Sand soccer is not yet an Olympic sport.


What are the most popular desert sports?

The most popular desert sports include sandboarding, dune bashing, desert ultramarathons, camel racing, ATV riding, desert rally racing, sand kiting, dune surfing, rock climbing, and desert trekking.

How many different desert sports are there?

Our desert sports list features 12 unique desert sports.

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