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Welcome to the ultimate Darts Quiz!

Are you prepared to test your knowledge of the sharpshooting game and prove you’re a true darts aficionado?

We’ve crafted challenging questions that will put your darts expertise to the test.

Simply tally up your correct answers and head over to our result table to see how well you fared.

So, grab your darts, aim for the bullseye, and let’s find out if you can hit a perfect score with your dart trivia prowess!

Table of Contents

1) Which country is considered the birthplace of modern darts?

  • A) England
  • B) United States
  • C) Netherlands

2) What is the maximum possible score in a single round with three darts?

  • A) 120
  • B) 150
  • C) 180

3) Which of these numbers is not on the dartboard?

  • A) 21
  • B) 17
  • C) 13

4) What is the standard distance between the floor and the bullseye on a regulation dartboard?

  • A) 4 feet 6 inches
  • B) 5 feet 8 inches
  • C) 6 feet

5) What does ‘Shanghai’ mean in darts?

  • A) Hitting a triple, double, and single of the same number
  • B) Bouncing one dart off another into the board
  • C) Finishing a game with a double bull

6) Which of the following is not a double?

  • A) Double 4
  • B) Double 12
  • C) Double 22

7) What is the highest finish possible in a game of darts?

  • A) 170
  • B) 180
  • C) 150

8) What does ‘busting’ mean in darts?

  • A) Scoring over your remaining total in a game
  • B) Accidentally hitting a double
  • C) Missing the board completely

9) Which legendary darts player was nicknamed ‘The Crafty Cockney’?

  • A) Eric Bristow
  • B) Phil Taylor
  • C) Raymond van Barneveld

10) How many sections are there on a standard dartboard?

  • A) 20
  • B) 18
  • C) 10

11) In which decade was the World Professional Darts Championship first held?

  • A) 1960s
  • B) 1970s
  • C) 1980s

12) Who holds the title for the most PDC World Championships won?

  • A) Eric Bristow
  • B) Phil Taylor
  • C) Michael van Gerwen

13) Who was the first female player to win a match at the PDC World Championships?

  • A) Deta Hedman
  • B) Fallon Sherrock
  • C) Lisa Ashton

14) How many points is the outer bullseye worth?

  • A) 25
  • B) 50
  • C) 75

15) Which of these is NOT a standard dart game?

  • A) 501
  • B) 301
  • C) 801

16) Which number is located between 19 and 17 on a standard dartboard?

  • A) 3
  • B) 11
  • C) 16

17) What type of material was used to make traditional dartboards?

  • A) Cork
  • B) Sisal
  • C) Oak

18) What is the throwing distance from the oche to the dartboard?

  • A) 5 feet
  • B) 7 feet 9.25 inches
  • C) 8 feet

19) Which darts organization was formed in the UK in 1973?

  • A) Professional Darts Corporation (PDC)
  • B) British Darts Organisation (BDO)
  • C) National Darts Federation (NDF)

20) What does a player need to hit to win a leg in a game of 501?

  • A) A double or a bullseye
  • B) A triple 20
  • C) A treble 17

21) What happened to darts player Jocky Wilson in 1985?

  • A) He lost all his darts during a World Championship match
  • B) He became the first ever blind World Champion
  • C) He accidentally hit a TV reporter with a dart

22) What number surrounds the bullseye on a standard dartboard?

  • A) 3
  • B) 10
  • C) 20

23) Which darts player is known as ‘The Flying Scotsman’?

  • A) Phil Taylor
  • B) Gary Anderson
  • C) Raymond van Barneveld

24) What is the total of all the numbers around the outer rim of a dartboard?

  • A) 210
  • B) 301
  • C) 380

25) What is the name of the electronic darts game that uses plastic-tip darts and counts scores automatically?

  • A) Soft-tip darts
  • B) Power darts
  • C) Dartmania

26) Which of these players was known as “One Dart”?

  • A) Peter Manley
  • B) Mervyn King
  • C) Bob Anderson

27) Who was the first darts player to win a televised tournament with a nine-dart finish?

  • A) John Lowe
  • B) Eric Bristow
  • C) Phil Taylor

28) What is the name of the international darts competition between England and Scotland?

  • A) World Darts Trophy
  • B) Anglo-Scottish Cup
  • C) Home Nations Darts Championship

29) What is the name given to the throw that the player takes to determine the order of play?

  • A) Starting throw
  • B) Bull-off
  • C) Warm-up

30) Which of the following is not a common practice routine for darts players?

  • A) Round the Clock
  • B) The Bob’s 27
  • C) Cricket

31) Which British king was known to enjoy a game of darts during his reign?

  • A) King Henry VIII
  • B) King George V
  • C) King Edward VII

32) In a professional darts game, what is the minimum number of darts required to complete a leg of 501?

  • A) 8
  • B) 9
  • C) 12

33) What is the nickname of darts player Michael van Gerwen?

  • A) Mighty Mike
  • B) The Green Machine
  • C) The Dutch Destroyer


# of Correct Answers Percentage Range Label Description
0- 0-49% Armchair Athlete You've got some learning to do, but don't worry, there's always the next game!
- 50-64% Rookie Runner Not bad! Keep practicing, and you'll be a sports trivia champ in no time.
- 65-79% Midfield Maestro Impressive! You're getting closer to the top, keep up the good work.
- 80-94% All-Star Striker Wow, you really know your sports trivia! You're a force to be reckoned with.
-33 95-100% Legendary Champion Unbelievable! You're a true sports trivia master. Your knowledge knows no bounds!

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