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Welcome to the ultimate CrossFit Quiz!

Are you prepared to challenge your knowledge of this high-intensity fitness phenomenon and prove you’re a true CrossFit enthusiast?

We’ve crafted daring questions that will push your CrossFit expertise to the limit.

Simply count your correct answers and check our result table to evaluate your performance.

So, strap on your wrist wraps, pump up your adrenaline, and let’s see if you can power through this CrossFit trivia challenge!

Table of Contents

1. What does the acronym WOD stand for in CrossFit?

  • A) Weekly Olympic Divisions
  • B) Workout Of the Day
  • C) Weights On Demand

2. Who is the founder of CrossFit?

  • A) Rich Froning
  • B) Greg Glassman
  • C) Dave Castro

3. What is “Murph” in CrossFit?

  • A) A type of equipment
  • B) A CrossFit gym
  • C) A hero WOD

4. What is the CrossFit abbreviation for box jumps?

  • A) BJ
  • B) Jumps
  • C) BoxJ

5. In which year was CrossFit founded?

  • A) 2000
  • B) 2005
  • C) 1996

6. What is a “Pukie the Clown”?

  • A) A CrossFit mascot
  • B) A workout equipment brand
  • C) A term for extreme exhaustion

7. What does the CrossFit abbreviation AMRAP stand for?

  • A) A Multitude of Rotations and Progressions
  • B) As Many Reps As Possible
  • C) As Many Rounds As Possible

8. In which country was CrossFit first introduced?

  • A) United States
  • B) Australia
  • C) Canada

9. What are CrossFitters referring to when they use the term “PR”?

  • A) Personal Record
  • B) Public Relations
  • C) Progressive Resistance

10. How many minutes are given for the “Grace” benchmark workout?

  • A) No time cap
  • B) 10 minutes
  • C) 30 minutes

11. What does the CrossFit abbreviation “EMOM” stand for?

  • A) Every Minute On the Minute
  • B) Every Move of Monotony
  • C) Extreme Management of Micromovements

12. What is the CrossFit Games Open?

  • A) A competition for CrossFit beginners
  • B) A yearly global competition to qualify for the CrossFit Games
  • C) A charity event hosted by CrossFit gyms

13. What does the CrossFit abbreviation “T2B” stand for?

  • A) Toes To Bar
  • B) Two to Brag
  • C) Train to Burn

14. In which city are the CrossFit Games usually held?

  • A) Los Angeles, California
  • B) Madison, Wisconsin
  • C) Carson, California

15. What is “Fran” in CrossFit?

  • A) A CrossFit athlete
  • B) A CrossFit gym location
  • C) A benchmark WOD

16. What does the CrossFit abbreviation “HSPU” stand for?

  • A) High Speed Pull Up
  • B) Handstand Push Up
  • C) Heavy Squat Power Up

17. Who is known as the “Fittest Woman on Earth” after multiple CrossFit Games victories?

  • A) Samantha Briggs
  • B) Katrin Davidsdottir
  • C) Tia-Clair Toomey

18. The CrossFit Hero WOD “DT” is dedicated to which profession?

  • A) Firefighters
  • B) Soldiers
  • C) Police Officers

19. In CrossFit, what is a “gymnastics kip”?

  • A) A technique used in kipping pull-ups
  • B) A type of handstand walk
  • C) A weightlifting movement

20. CrossFit athletes commonly use the term “RX” to describe a workout. What does “RX” mean?

  • A) Recover XY
  • B) Prescribed
  • C) Reduced Exercise

21. In CrossFit, what does the term “scaled” mean?

  • A) Performing the workout as prescribed
  • B) Modifying the workout to accommodate ability levels
  • C) Increasing the workout intensity

22. Who is considered the “Fittest Man on Earth” after winning multiple CrossFit Games championships?

  • A) Rich Froning
  • B) Mat Fraser
  • C) Ben Smith

23. Which piece of equipment is typically used for performing “double unders” in CrossFit?

  • A) Jump Rope
  • B) Abmat
  • C) Barbell

24. In Nora’s CrossFit workout, she needs to perform 5 rounds of 5 different exercises. What type of workout is this likely to be?

  • A) Chipper
  • B) Tabata
  • C) Ladder

25. What does the term “metcon” stand for in CrossFit?

  • A) Metabolic conditioning
  • B) Meeting at the cone
  • C) Metal construct

26. How many CrossFit Games Championships has Rich Froning won (individually)?

  • A) Two
  • B) Four
  • C) Six

27. CrossFit’s fitness philosophy revolves around promoting a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Which aspect of the philosophy focuses on rest, recovery, and flexibility?

  • A) Nutrition
  • B) Sleep
  • C) Mobility and stretching

28. In CrossFit, performing 21 repetitions of an exercise, followed by 15 repetitions and finally 9 repetitions, is referred to as which type of WOD?

  • A) EMOM
  • B) 21-15-9 WOD
  • C) Ladder WOD

29. Which of the following movements is commonly used in CrossFit to develop explosive hip power?

  • A) Kettlebell swing
  • B) Bench press
  • C) Pull-up

30. What does the CrossFit abbreviation “KB” stand for?

  • A) Knee Band
  • B) Kipping Bar
  • C) Kettlebell

31. In CrossFit, which movement combines a front squat and a push press?

  • A) Thruster
  • B) Snatch
  • C) Deadlift

32. What is a “Pistols” exercise in CrossFit?

  • A) Single-leg squats
  • B) Alternating kettlebell swings
  • C) Double unders with a jump rope

33. What is the main goal of the “Cindy” benchmark WOD?

  • A) To complete a specific number of rounds for time
  • B) To complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes
  • C) To achieve a personal record in a specific lift


# of Correct Answers Percentage Range Label Description
0- 0-49% Armchair Athlete You've got some learning to do, but don't worry, there's always the next game!
- 50-64% Rookie Runner Not bad! Keep practicing, and you'll be a sports trivia champ in no time.
- 65-79% Midfield Maestro Impressive! You're getting closer to the top, keep up the good work.
- 80-94% All-Star Striker Wow, you really know your sports trivia! You're a force to be reckoned with.
-33 95-100% Legendary Champion Unbelievable! You're a true sports trivia master. Your knowledge knows no bounds!

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