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Teaching physicians from all over India - October 2016

Dr. Joachim Yahalom from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
attends a full symposium ( 8 lectures and workshops) over 2 days to more than 70 cancer doctors who traveled from the whole sub-continent to Tata Cancer Center in Mumbai, the largest cancer hospital in Asia that see 60,000 new cases a year.

They have now joined ILROG and the symposium was a great success!

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Joachim Yahalom, M.D.
Chairman, ILROG

Professor of Radiation Oncology, MSKCC
New York, New York, USA

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ILROG symposium in May 2015 at MSKCC, bringing many of the world’s renowned radiation oncologists together to collaborate on modern radiation for lymphoma treatment.

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Richard Hoppe, M.D.
Department of Radiation Oncology

Stanford University
Stanford, CA

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Lena Specht, M.D., Ph.D.
Vice Chair, ILROG

Professor of Oncology, Rigshospitalet
Copenhagen, Denmark

The International Lymphoma Radiation Oncology Group (ILROG) was first conceived in 2010 and funded from its inception by CSF. The objective at inception was to mobilize the expertise and influence of the best leaders in the world for improving the care of patients with lymphoma who require the best radiotherapy method for their cure.

Examples: China has a cancer of the nose from a virus and is treated with great results in China. As they westernize they need to collaborate to treat new lymphomas.

Pediatric lymphomas from around the world are treated differently and it affects the child’s life growth, etc.

Europeans and the United States great hospitals are working together to treat lymphomas so that a larger area than needed may not be r

adiated and decide how much radiation is needed to achieve the best results.


The Red Journal's Top downloads of 2014: ILROG Radiation Treatment #1 & #4 downloads. 

ILROG worldwide is a forum to further the understanding of radiotherapy in the treatment of lymphoma in children and adults around the world. Think about a collaboration of the world’s best oncologists to help all people in the world suffering with Lymphomas and treatment protocol collaboration based on where you live, what you eat and breathe and their outcomes.

IlROG’s membership is from thirteen countries from China to Denmark. Every major cancer hospital in the United States is a member of ILROG. The membership base includes over 750 Radiation Oncologists from 40 different countries.

ILROG’s accomplishments would not have been possible without the initial support of the CT Sports Foundation and the trust we had in our combined goals to improve the care of lymphoma patients worldwide. The organization is led and Chaired by Dr Yahalom of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Dr. Yahalom organized a symposium in May 2015 at MSKCC, bringing many of the world’s renowned radiation oncologists together to collaborate on modern radiation for lymphoma treatment. View program.


We have come a long way in cancer treatments. Let’s keep it going together.

CSF is so proud of the established affiliations and relationships that MSKCC has made with other hospitals, participating in clinical research activities to ensure that the latest in cancer treatments are available to everyone.