"When you become involved in our mission, you are helping integrate the worlds of professional sports, art, music, caring for communities, and cancer research."

Ensure the Foundation’s Future
Fund the Operations Center

CCF respectfully requests gifts to establish an Operations Center in the service of society for our nonprofit organization’s permanent physical location.

The permanent Operations Center sets the stage for the Foundation’s future and will house a Sports Museum, Art Gallery, and Development Office.  It will exemplify our founding values— to preserve and promote respect, sportsmanship, social justice and excellence.  Year-round programs facilitated in our Operations Center will be inclusive, culturally diverse and educational with luminaries in sports, media, and corporate leaders. Programs will include seminars that teach lessons in leadership, author discussions, panel discussions on sports, social and medical topics, and a variety of other special workshops.

Fund the Sports Museum/Art Gallery

The Art Gallery and Sports Museum will be a place of respite for patients, and a public point of interest. This exceptional facility will welcome a new audience to CCF’s future.  Creative arts therapy significantly reduces anxiety, depression, pain and improves the quality of life in cancer patients. Therapy programs and events centered around arts and music will be the cornerstone of our program.

Naming opportunities are available for the Operations Center, Sports Museum, and Art Gallery.

Make a Charitable Gift of Art 

There is great potential for many individuals to achieve their philanthropic goals and create a lasting legacy using gifts of art.  CCF accepts gifts of art and will work with your family, legal and financial advisors to ensure that all parties understand and participate in the process. 

Fund the Endowment

The endowment fund of permanent duration is non-restricted at this time and invested to further CCF’s mission of long-term financial sustainability.

A charitable gift to our endowment fund today will fund our good work now and in the future. 

Fund Research

Our research funding focuses on an organization we have funded from its inception in 2010 ― The International Lymphoma Radiation Oncology Group (ILROG).

ILROG worldwide is a forum to further the understanding of radiotherapy in the treatment of lymphoma in children and adults around the globe. 

Every major cancer hospital in the United States is a member of ILROG. The membership base includes over 750 Radiation Oncologists from 40 different countries.  

ILROG’s accomplishments would not have been possible without the initial support of the CT Cancer Foundation and the trust we had in our combined goals to improve the care of lymphoma patients worldwide.  

The organization is led and Chaired by Dr. Joachim Yahalom of Memorial Sloan Kettering, the physician who saved Connecticut Cancer Foundation’s founder, John Ellis’ life 30 years ago!

Funding toward research is welcomed at all levels.

Internship Program



Paige Evans



India Fullerton & Sophie Tsansronis



Jack Rothman & Lauren Rhodes



Victoria Franca


CCF collaborates with local schools, colleges and universities on our internship program which promotes leadership skills in students and teaches them about working in the many facets of a successful, long-standing nonprofit organization.

Support Cancer Patients Today

Many cancer patients and their families are suddenly confronted with insurmountable bills at a time when focusing on healing is critical to their recovery.

A charitable gift of financial support to cancer patients and their families can quickly and compassionately remove some of the stress and worry to help patients fight back against their illness.

Funding toward grants to cancer patients is welcomed at all levels.

Support Fundraising Events

Sponsor a Celebrity Dinner
Celebrity Dinners bring together guests, sports stars and sponsors to support the Foundation’s efforts to raise funds for Connecticut cancer patients and their families and fund cancer research!

Sponsor an Art Fundraiser

CCF will work with partners to provide events centered on the purchase and sale of donated and fine art at galleries and elsewhere. The Art Events will raise funds, create awareness and promote CCF’s mission.


We offer a range of opportunities to fit your needs, meet your personal goals and leverage your skills for a meaningful, supported volunteer experience.  

Working together, we can provide hope to cancer patients and their families. Every dollar you donate is put to good use. Contact us TODAY at (860) 388-0788