In March 2017, the CT Sports Foundation began a new initiative to expand the Cycle Against Cancer to multiple locations!  We kicked off our effort with four gyms hosting the event in seven days!  On March 18, Iron House Fitness in Old Saybrook and New York Sports Club in West Hartford held the Cycle Against Cancer from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm.  Led by an experienced and enthusiastic Steering Committee, Iron House Fitness raised over $61,000 to help cancer patients in CT!  Our Iron House Ambassador, Chloe, was there and had a ball playing with 2015 Ambassador, Liv. 

On the same day, first time Cycle Against Cancer host New York Sports Club raised almost $18,000 – a great result for their first year!  The NYSC Ambassador, 12 year-old Allison, stopped by with her mom to greet the riders – when she entered the room, everybody cheered!

The very next day, Zen and Now Wellness Center in Niantic stepped up to the plate, hosting their second Cycle Against Cancer and raising over $27,000!  The Ambassador for this CAC was four-year old Molly, whose story was especially powerful since her mom, Ashley, is also fighting cancer.  Molly and her little friends had a blast dancing to the music while the group spun their hearts out.

On Saturday, March 25, it was UP Fitness’s turn.  UP Fitness was another newbie to the Cycle Against Cancer, but they came roaring into the event, raising close to $30,000 for cancer patients in CT, especially the Ambassador, Marik, who is battling bone cancer for the second time.  Kelli Tucker, Marik’s mom, gave an emotional thank you that was both heartwarming and touching.

At every location, the Cycle Against Cancer was uplifting and inspiring.  Together, these four events raised over $135,000 for cancer patients in CT!  We are deeply grateful to everyone who participated in the Cycle Against Cancer events – the CT Sports Foundation has a small staff and we could not do the work that we do and help as many patients as we help without people like you!

We would especially like to thank our gym hosts, Steering Committees, and top fundraisers for their commitment to this cause!


Gym Host: Iron House Fitness

Gym Owners: Kati Papoosha & Joe Fay

Steering Committee

Ruthann Rothman, co-Chairperson

Lisa Blank, co-Chairperson

Brittney Blye

Stacey Doyle

Terri Eickel

Mary Kate Marshall, intern

Jess Palmisano

Kylie Papoosha, intern

Rosie Rothman, intern

Shaina Wakefield

Top Fundraisers

Top Company Team: Pasta Vita

Top Team: Barb’s Angels

1st Place Individual Fundraiser: Michael Souza

2nd Place Individual Fundraiser: Ruthanne Rothman

3rd Place Individual Fundraiser: Tony Savinelli



Gym Host: New York Sports Club

Gym Manager: Brisvely Garcia

Steering Committee

Caresse Amenta

Cristina Dos Santos

Julie Goldstein

Marjie Eickel

Terri Eickel

Top Fundraisers

Top Team: Trouble with Tribbles

1st Place Individual Fundraiser: Marjie Eickel

2nd Place Individual Fundraiser: Ann Ragan

3rd Place Individual Fundraiser: Lisa Tilum



Gym Host: Zen and Now Wellness Studio

Gym Owner: Lisa Bragaw

Steering Committee

Stacey Sankow, Chairperson

Lisa Bragaw

Kristine Dishaw

Terri Eickel

Tina Goodwin

Top Fundraisers

Top Team: Pools Etc. for Molly

1st Place Individual Fundraiser: Jackie Haffey

2nd Place Individual Fundraiser: Rob Goodwin

3rd Place Individual Fundraiser: Joe Bragaw



Gym Host: UP Fitness

Gym Owner & Manager: Gary Upton & Meagan Seacor

Steering Committee

David Gudbrandsen, Chairperson

Hannah Daitch, intern

Terri Eickel

Lauren Gagne

Jen Murray

Diane Snider

Top Fundraisers

Top Team: Jedi Sky Pedalers

1st Place Individual Fundraiser: Jen Murray

2nd Place Individual Fundraiser: Hannah Daitch

3rd Place Individual Fundraiser: Terri Eickel